I am quite a fan of buying my second hand fashion from eBay. I make no secret of doing it
If you're someone like me and you're reading this, you probably have some level of interest in shopping. It could
Why am I passionate about finding and keeping great quality clothing pieces? I think most of us want to buy
Hello everyone and welcome back! I've been taking a break for the past month, partly due to the busiest work
Today's Little London Sight is definitely more like a mighty big one. Westminster Abbey. Up until last year, I had
Developing and growing in a world of difficult challenges can feel like the worst thing in the world. Sometimes you
I'm not sure how well known the British Broadcasting Corporation is world wide, but I'm certain it's very well known
It's been over a year since we've gone anywhere nice. I want to start reminding myself of all the little
If there is something I simultaneous learnt and am still learning about, it's communication. Now I mean to say this
In the 21st century, physical gifts are slowly getting boring. When I say that, it's not to say we've given
Stop! I want you to think twice about throwing out socks just because there's a slight defect with them. I've
A few years ago, my boyfriend and I saved up a total of £10,000 in one year. When we realized
Before I start this post, I just want everyone to know that all things I write in this post are
Why is it important to be in touch with how you're feeling? I want to explore this idea today because
I think it would be nice to explore some of the simple pleasures of what a new season can bring.
Life is never full of entirely good moments back to back, nor is it totally bad either. That's why it's
We all want to have more spare money, and less of that being put to the bills. Although it's an
At the end of this month, I would be investing in the stock market for one year now. I'm not
So as I've mentioned in a previous post, I recently got a new phone pre-used from eBay. In fact, my
Today I feel like sharing a different kind of thrifting project. I know I normally talk about my clothes purchases,