Shoe Hacks for Petite Women

Us ladies who are under 5 feet 5 inches tall can all relate to feeling as if every other person just towers over you. It can do some damage to our self esteem, make us feel unheard and little (quite literally), and put us on the back burner for many opportunities. It’s as if you can’t do anything about your height unless you’re born with the genetics. But of course, it doesn’t have to be like that. There are many ways we can give the illusion of height or better proportions, and one way is with our footwear. So I’m going to talk about the ways that shoes help me, and the ways you can do this too!

1. Nude Shades

Picking a pair of shoes out that are the same color as has many benefits to your outfit. Because they are the same color as your skin, they will blend in with you and your outfit, which makes the shoes look like an extension of your body. This will make you as a whole look like you have longer legs and create the illusion of a longer and taller body.

It will almost be the same effect of not wearing any shoes at all, as you keep the continuous line of the length of your legs going all the way down to your toes, instead of cutting them short with a pair of shoes that will inevitably cut short the length of your legs. Remember, the more length there appears to be of you, the taller you will appear to look.

2. Pointy Shoes

Pointy shoes are another great feature of footwear that can make us smaller ladies look taller. As with nude colors, a pointy tip on a pair of shoes gives the illusion of more length, therefore making us look taller. Often times, these pointy shoes will extend past the reach of where your toes would normally end, and make a size 5 pair of feet look like a size 6.

This is not say that it will make your feet look disproportion or bigger, as will not be extending the width of your feet. In fact, this is such an advantage giving us more height in the bigger picture.

The issue with this is that pointy shoes can seem more narrow than other regular sized shoes. If this puts you off, you could try sizing up in these shoes and seeing if this improves the comfort of wearing them, especially for you toes. Risking your feet in shoes that don’t fit comfortably or properly can cause a few issues including blisters and wearing of the skin, and in worse cases corns, bunions, and sometimes ingrown toe nails, which can be extremely painful and require medical attention.

So make sure you choose pointy shoes that have enough space for your toes to sit comfortably in, with plenty of room, but that also don’t fall off when you walk about in them.

3. Knee High Boots

Another elegant and chic pair of footwear that make you look taller: knee high boots. These beauties can go anywhere from up to the top of the shin, all the way to mid-thigh length. The reason this works so well is the same reason that showing more skin works; the use of the same color over more length makes it appear longer, and if it creates this illusion of you having more leg, you will look taller. This is great, particularly if you don’t want to show off you skin, or in the winter months when covering your legs will keep you nice and toasty.

4. Wear Chunky Trainers/Sneakers

If you’re going for a more casual vibe, the chunky sneakers are a great, comfy pair of shoes to opt for. Most chunky sneakers will have anywhere between 2 and 5 cm of height, enough to give you an extra boost from head to toe.

I found this particularly helpful at festivals, where being short makes it so much harder to see beyond the crowds of tall people. Of course, I had to use a small footstool too in order to really see behind the crowds of people, but that extra height is such an advantage to have in your leisurely look.

If you’re into the chunky sneaker look, this would also be a fun and stylish look to have, with the height of wearing heels, but without the pain and discomfort that sometimes comes with heels.

5. Wedges

These shoes are just so versatile. Why? Because they can be worn in both classy or smart casual situations, and in relaxed, day to day activities too.

Wedge shoes can look so smart, and they can be worn at weddings, parties, indoor and outdoor events that require a certain dress code. They work so well with long, classy dresses, shorter dresses, and even dressier suit outfits. They give you that boost of height, with the platforms under the entire sole of the shoe, often increasing in height under the back of the heel. They also provide more comfort and balance than the regular classic heel, as the platform covers the entirety of the base, not just the heel.

What’s clever about wedges, is just how ultra snug your feet feel in such beautiful and elegant shoes. With their design, you’ll often find the base narrows at the outer edge, and this is where your feet feel most comfortable standing on in those areas. The inner side does not have the same feeling in my opinion.

This helps your to walk in these shoes and give the impression of gliding along, which at height, just feels like being in the clouds.

This is exactly why you can wear them day to day as well, since you can pop to the shops, walk to the park or visit a friend who lives minutes away by foot and not compromise sensation, or style.

6. High Heels

This is of course the number one most classic pair of shoes to wear to make you appear taller, and in fact actually make you taller. High heels are the go to, and fortunately they come in all shapes and sizes. You don’t have to go sky high in height to be taller, but even as much as 5 cm can make you feel look and feel so much taller.

And do you know what’s great? There are so many kinds of widths of heels, such as block heels, which give you more stability and support when on the go, and are less frightening for starters of the heeled shoes. Kitten shoes are cute and provide a lower sized heel to play with for casual yet chic looks.

If you have the courage, you could opt for platforms to give you the most height, but remember that this could be a risky option if you’re not used to walking about on your feet all day in heels.

In that case, you can play it safe in in something in between, the stiletto heels. This is the creme de la creme of well known heel designs. They give you height from the heel of the shoes, they give you length, often through being pointed at the tip, and often most classic styles are strapless and bare a lot of skin at the top, giving the illusion of lengthening your overall body. There are other styles which include straps, laces and many other kinds of fastening, but you can’t go wrong with these classic shoes.

All in all there are many ways to mix and match the styles and ideas provided here, such wearing nude with kitten heels or wedges, or knee high boots and a pointed heel. What ever you choose, it will guarantee you to look slightly taller and feel more empowered.

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