Flattering Necklaces for Petite Girls

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Nothing is more beautiful than adding a touch of gold or silver to your outfit; wearing a necklace is one of those pieces that can transform an outfit that looks plain and a lot like everyone else to something special, something different, something unique.

But sometimes we might find a piece that is gorgeous, however it somehow draws down the quality of our outfits, and it doesn’t work, making us realize that we might be better off without that piece.

In the past as a shorter woman, I have found pieces that I fell in love with, but when I put those pieces on, I found myself looking even smaller and shorter than I wished to look, and it was almost as if the necklace was wearing me instead of me wearing the necklace!

When utilized in the right ways, it can give you the best definition to help us enhance our uniquely built bodies, and to give us that sparkle and interest in an otherwise normal outfit.

And the best thing is, you can wear it with casual, smart casual or formal wear, so there are no limits to when and where you can make this addition.

So lets see how we can do this best.

Shorter Length Necklaces

Opting for a shorter length on necklaces has many benefits to us as being more petite in stature.

I’ve found that the optimal maximum length of my necklaces hit me around the middle of my chest, especially are a little more thicker. That way the necklace can be the center piece of my outfits, but not drowning me out in the background.

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Small Pendants

Wearing a small pendant is great for so many reasons, and one of them is that they’re so elegant and so chic. A small pendant is not overstated which makes them perfect to wear casual in everyday outfits, but with a classier look they can also be that perfect finishing touch without being over the top. I personally opt for this as one of my favorite styles.

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Longer the Necklace, Smaller the Width

If you love the vibe of having a long necklace upon you then make sure it is a thinner style. The result is that it won’t be overbearing on your figure, it will make a nice gentle touch on your outfit instead of taking over your outfit and it will be so chic and effortless because it won’t draw too much attention, but just enough attention to your outfit as a whole, in a good way.

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Of course if going longer with your necklace isn’t really your style, you can opt for the next one, which is another of my personal favorites.

Smaller the Necklace, Thicker the Width

Now this one is one of my personal favorites, and there is a few reasons for this.

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The first is where it is positioned when I wear it. It just hits the sweetest spot, which is just along the collar bone on your chest. This is just right as most basic tees, tops, blouses and shirts will normally cut off either just above that line or just below it. This means that it leaves the perfect amount of space for the necklace to sit in a position that makes it stand out the best.

And what is the best way to make it stand out even more? By wearing a beautiful chunkier style on the collar bone. Nowadays the chunkier necklace trend is more popular than ever, with my personal favorite being the chunky chain necklace.

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This style is brilliant because its design is so well crafted, the the intricacies of the chain element is so unique, but at the same time it is so simplistic and chic, because that chain pattern repeats itself all around the necklace.

Better yet, you can dress it up, wear a nice classy and simple number with the necklace as the classy statement piece, or you could dress it down, wear a simple tee and a plain pair of jeans and make that necklace the star of the outfit. The possibilities are truly endless.

Choker Necklace

Choker style necklaces are coming back into more recent trends again. They are the kind of pieces that bring back interest into many types of outfits, and here’s why;

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They give us much needed definition in our outfits, and they can be one of many defining pieces to give us shorter girls a few more levels in our choices. Pair that with a belt of the same color in the middle of the outfit, and a pair of knee high boots (because we need to lengthen our image), and you have yourself a coordinating outfit that structures you at the neck and waist, without losing the illusion of height.

A choker is also brilliant at giving you that edge in an outfit. They work best in bolder colors such as black, white or navy, and give you that distinction between your head and the rest of your body.

And lastly, if you still want an attention grabbing statement piece that still leaves your chest area bare (or doesn’t draw as much attention to it), the choker necklace is perfect as the boldest piece of jewelry, which either lends itself to being looked at more, or gives you the chance to enhance and highlight other features without getting in the way, like a beautiful neckline on your dress, or other pieces of jewelry. Which leads me to the final styling way.


Now you might actually like all those things, a long thin necklace, a shorter statement pendant necklace and a choker necklace, but why not have all those things?

If you’re clever about it, layering can actually be the best way to style your pieces. Why is that? Because mixing and matching you necklaces can create such unique looks. You get to be yourself and create your own identity just by wearing a combination of pieces that no one else has put together but you. And how wonderful is that?

But even if it’s a combination that someone else has tried, they will never be alike, because there are so many variations of the same kinds of necklaces, that you will truly be your own style icon.

I find that this is also one of the best ways to get the most wear out of your necklaces too. Imagine if you have a lot of necklaces and you only wore 1 or 2 of them all the time. If that’s your style, there’s nothing wrong with it, but if you get bored easily, or you feel there isn’t enough time in the world to wear all your pieces, then layering them up together might be the best thing, especially if you have invested a fair amount of money into your pieces.

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Of course the one rule to remember is that layering thinner necklaces pieces might work better together, and thicker and shorter ones often look better together too. With the thinner pieces, you can experiment with different styles of pendants, which create amazing put together looks.

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And with the smaller and chunkier styles, it often works better to keep the design simple and wear the same pattern across all the layers. This will help to avoid confusion and not make your necklace too busy.

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So there we have it, At the end of the day, if you truly feel comfortable in the style that you’ve created with your necklaces, you should show it off and be loud and proud. Although I make these points, these are just the things I find that look best on me. But if you feel differently, you should go for it and rock it regardless!

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