Short Skirt Types – Hacks for Short Girls

So picking a skirt that works for our shorter stature can be tricky. If you’re into wearing short skirts, this is generally an easier style to work with. It works well as the shorter length of the skirt, and the fact that more of the legs are on show will help to elongate the appearance of your height.

You can also play with different patterns, textures and styles to enhance the look and create a specific and desired look, depending on what your goals are.

What I aim to do is go through the top variations of skirt styles, in the shorter length, and determine how best to wear these pieces, since we don’t want to actually stop you from wearing any style type at all. I know we can find a way to wear them all!

The A-line

This is a classic one, it’s the skirt style that every single woman can definitely pull off. It is, as its name suggests, shaped like the letter A, in which the skirt starts off narrow, at where the hips or waist would be, and on each side the seams gradually taper outwards to the skirt base.

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It’s triangular shape is so flattering, and it’s so easy to see why – it gives any woman who wears it a distinct structure and shape, regardless of what body type you are. You can wear this skirt type in practically any situation, and it would be pretty flawless.

So as a petite woman, you cannot go wrong with this style, especially if it hits you just above the knees.

Pencil Skirt

It’s probably the second most popular skirt type, and you see this style everywhere. It is most commonly seen in the office setting, for a smart and clean look. Since this is ‘pencil’ shaped, which imitates the straight pencil structure, it’s quite a figure hugging skirt, so this might not be a suitable choice those body types that need a bit more structure.

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However, you can always do a few things to play with your proportions. You can for example pair this skirt with something a bit more top heavy, and when I say that, I mean something like a cute, ruched shouldered top to increase the width of your shoulders and give your waist the illusion of more definition.

Or you could play with shoulder-padded blazers, to create the same effect. Or try playing with textured blouses like frills, asymmetrical cuts, or bold prints to draw attention away from the skirt.

Belts are also great accessories to add a finishing touch to these outfits, giving it that extra defined look and creating a waistline.

Frills & Embroidery

Speaking of playing with textures, how about adding some texture to your skirt. A skirt lined with frills along the bottom for example can give a simple, a-line skirt an extra dimension.

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Once again, it plays with the illusion of giving your hips and waist more interest by adding width to the lower thigh area, which not only makes your hips appear to stand out, but defines your waistline.

It also draws attention to itself, as the patterns are usually the highlight of the piece. Match this up with a frilly blouse and you’re in texture heaven.


Slits can be such a chic yet very exciting way of drawing some real interest to skirts. They’re usually designed so the material is intentionally cut from the skirt hem, either at 1 or both sides, or a smaller slit at the front or back.

Reasons for this can be practical, for instance when you have a small one in the front or back. What this does is improve the mobility and flexibility in wearing that skirt, so that it’s easier to walk about or move in.

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The same can be true for the side cuts but these ones tend to be more aesthetic. Depending on how much skin is revealing, the side cuts can make the person wearing it appear to have a smaller width in their legs and thighs, and create an image that their hips are the largest part of their figure. It can also elongate the width of the legs just by showing it off to a certain height, while also being able to hide the right amount. It is a clever design feature, that can be just as sexy as it is elegant.

Layered Skirts

One of my top choices right now, and a smart choice to wear. A layered skirt is the master of deception for anyone who wears this.

It has several fabric strips that are either sewn together horizontally, or that are layered on top of each other, with the longer pieces underneath and the next shortest sizes going on top of the next layer.

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The result is like the a-line skirt, but it can sometimes be wider depending on how much fabric is used. It is also a very unique design in that it literally gives many more layers to your definition.

The Ruched Look

What exactly is ruching? It is when pieces of fabric are gathered up together, and sewn in place to create an effect that I would say are bunched together like tied back curtains… don’t worry though, it is a stunning design and the kind you would imagine on 18th or 19th century ballgowns.

Back to the 21st century though, they give our clothes a fascinating texture that just looks gorgeous.

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Take this skirt, the ruching is placed on one side of the skirt. Not only that, but it also has frills all along the bottom to give it even more interest. The end result is a lovely, frilly skirt with all these wavy and curvy textures.

And as with the slits, the ruching has the same effect of elongating those legs and elongating our height by showing more skin.


The last style I’ll talk about today, and another classic for sure are those pleated skirts. Now pleats are when the skirt’s fabric is folded neatly, usually at around the same distance back and forth encircling part or all of the skirt. It gives it a style that you might remember wearing if you ever went to a school that made you wear this (I had to wear a long pleated skirt back in high school).

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This feature has the advantage of increasing the flexibility of movement when you wear it, as the fabric is essentially double the size as it’s folded in half by the pleats. So you can spread it out and the hem of the skirt doubles in width compared to the width of the waistline.

It’s advantages also continue when wearing it as a shorter girl, by manifesting a look that defines itself at the waist and makes it more compelling. And a defined waistline on your skirt is a petite girl’s best friend, because you can move that waistline wherever you like and give yourself a more flattering proportion.

So these are just a few of the many, many more ways that you can make these styles work for you, because nothing gets in the way of us shorter girls.

If you’re interested in styling any skirt length, read about it here.

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