Skirt Lengths for Petite Women

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So one day you’re shopping for clothes and you see an amazing skirt. It’s perfect in every way, they have it in all the sizes, the color you want, and it looks so great on the model. You’ve even seen it on someone you know and it looks fantastic.

So you go to try it on, it’s very exciting because it could look amazing on you too. But when you do try it on… it just doesn’t work. And why could that be?

Maybe it’s because that both the model on the website and this other person are both taller than you, and when you wanted the exact same skirt, you didn’t realize it wasn’t a one-size-fits-all. Or maybe that style just doesn’t suit you at all.

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This is a situation we have all run into at some point when we’ve experimented with our style, but there are some tips that might help you to pick the right kind of styles, especially if you’re around about the 5 foot tall mark (like me!).

Shorter Skirts

If you’re willing to go for it, shorter skirts generally work best for us girls who are a little more petite in height, Short skirts are great because they cut you off at a higher point up your legs, and this makes you look as if you actually have longer legs.

The best point for your skirt to stop at is generally about 2/3rds up you leg, which should roughly hit you at around mid thigh length. Now I know that everyone’s bodies vary a great deal, but this proportion is nice as you have enough leg showing beyond and above your knees, which is about half way up. It’s also good as it should have just about enough material to cover you up around the necessary areas without you feeling too exposed.

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And as for the kind of rise that you would want from your short skirt? I would normally suggest a high rise. I’m not a big fan of showing my tummy and I’m not very comfortable with it, so to maximize the potential of this look, a high rise works best. It teams up with every kind of top half of clothing, from crop tops and bralettes even to longer shirts, because all you need to do is tuck them in. But be careful to make sure that your top isn’t longer than that mini skirt.

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But if you wanted to go for a lower rise, this is what do need to do; you will be best off wearing a cropped top. And why? Because you don’t want to create that length of color from the collar of your top to the lower waist of your skirt. This will make your torso length become too similar to your leg length, and we don’t really want that.


On a slight tangent, if you find the idea of wearing a short skirt a bit off putting, mainly because they are so short and revealing that you won’t be able to hide much of yourself, you can always play it safe by wearing a skort. A skort is a cross between a skirt and a pair of shorts, so what this means is that it is a skirt with a pair of shorts underneath. And the best thing about it is that the shorts are usually integrating into the design of the skirt, and is kept well hidden!

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This design is the best mix of practicality and style if you want to be more mobile in you’re clothes while still picking out that skirt that you love to wear! And more importantly, it helps us keep that feeling of security and a bit of modesty too.

Knee Length Skirt

Okay so this is the kind of skirt that I’m the least biggest fan of, but as a shorter girl I think there are ways to make this skirt look better on us.

I think the key here to mastering the knee length look is by picking a color that is more neutral, for instance a nude skin tone or something similar to yours. By doing this, you will create the illusion of that color encompassing the length of your legs, as it will match the color of your legs, therefore creating that continuous line of color.

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But if you want to go for color, then make the rest of your legs match that color. For example, if you want to wear a bright pink knee length skirt, then team it up with either some pink tights of a similar color, or even some knee high boots of a bright pink shade. That way, you keep the color block going, and this can even look pretty chic and monochromatic since you are trying to match similar colors together!

Midi Skirts

Now my opinion of midi skirts is a bit like my opinion of knee length skirts; I’m not a fan of them. They are usually skirts that hit you at anywhere between about mid length (knee level) right up to mid shin level down your leg, so are pretty much 3/4 lengths.

But these are the main things I would suggest to you.

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Once again, stick to the neutral, skin colored shades if you’re baring your legs, or color block it by wearing the same color beyond the hem of the skirt. Creating that continuous length down your leg is crucial to giving you height.

And, you guessed it, wear them at a mid to high rise to maximize your leg dimensions.

Maxi Skirt

This is my second-best favorite for the type of skirts that I wear as a short woman. The reasons this works so well are pretty endless, but here are a few.

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The wonders that a long maxi skirt can do for you are amazing. They give you that extra few centimetres at the bottom of the skirt, and this can even be longer than your actual legs if you choose to wear high heels underneath them! This is a trick that works really well and is the best way to play with the illusion of your proportions.

The elegance of a long skirt is just divine, it draws you to it for those occasions that require you to look your best, for those times when you’re invited to a formal occasion, a long skirt goes all the way any kind to pretty top.

You can wear this long skirt on a casual summer’s day, with a beautifully simple tank top, and go for a walk along the promenade or the beach.

Or even in the winter, this is just the warmest kind of skirt you can wear. Covering you from waist to toe, you don’t have to worry about that cold winter’s chill reaching your legs at all, and better yet, you can wear thermals underneath them of any color.

So yes I’m a huge advocate of those maxi skirts.

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So that’s my take on styling those kinds of skirt lengths. Sometimes when you see something like a piece of clothing that you like the look of, you’ve just got to try it on before you know whether it’ll work.

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