Why Petite Girls Must Wear Tops Like THIS

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As short girls, we have all fallen victim to buying clothes that don’t fit us properly. It’s too big, too long, or doesn’t go wide enough to fit our chest without flattering the rest of our torso. The problems are endless. But I think there are solutions we can look out for, whether its altering the clothes we already own or considering more suitable pieces when we are hunting for new clothes.

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Tucked In Tee

If you have a shirt, top or blouse that is longer than your natural waistline, then you need to tuck it in!!

The main reason for this is that wearing a top that is longer and wider than your waistline is that it is unflattering, it loses the shape of your body, and makes you appear as if you have shorter legs (as you leg length will start at the bottom of your shirt).

You will look very disproportionate, and as a result highlight your lack of height.

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The Half Tuck

Sometimes your top is so big that its too difficult to tuck it in all the way. If that’s the problem, then you can do the half tuck, which is also known as a French Tuck.

All you need to do is tuck in the front portion of your top, to give yourself the definitive waistline. This will help elongate your legs and make you appear taller.

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The Crop Top

Before you think to yourself whether you’d ever wear a crop top because you think it will show your belly, then think again. This is where high waisted bottoms half’s are your best friend.

I used to think that crop tops meant I’d have to get my tummy out, which put me off so much. But what I didn’t realize was how much more flattering it would be on me. When you are short, you need to make the most of your bottom half looking longer, so having a crop top is so ideal because it cuts us off at just the right place, right at the waistline. This is the sweet spot for highlighting and making it look like we have long legs.

Pair that with some comfortable high waisted jeans or a high waisted skirt, and boom, you have a outfit that looks tailored to you.

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Wrap a Belt around it

This is the solution to so many different scenarios, especially if you love that long top so much but it doesn’t seem to suit you right now.

Say you have a very long top, or a long shift style dress, and it has no definition and hides your waist? Belt it. Use a color that is different from the color of your clothes, and you’ve given yourself the perfect definition.

And say you’re wearing a monochromatic outfit, a white tee tucked into your white mom jeans, but it turns you into one straight vertical line? Put a belt on it, and again use a contrasting color like black or brown to really make it stand out. That way you can be in charge of where you’re waistline will be.

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And you know what? If you want a bigger belt, then why not have fun with it? The more distracting the pattern is on it, the more attention your waist will get.

But be careful how much belt you have, as too much can drown you out of your own outfit. Personally, I’d say medium to smaller sized belts are more ideal for us shorter ladies.

Tie It Up

The fun thing about experimenting with your clothes is finding nifty little hacks that help you wear your clothes even better than before. And tying it up is such a great choice. You can tie it up if you want to pull up the length of a longer top, to cinch in the waist line of the top, or to add a bit of sparkle and interest to something simple that you already own.

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DIY Crop It

If you’re braver about how you want your clothes to look and want to go for it, you can always D.I.Y. it. You can crop the bottom a top with a pair of scissors by cutting off the perfect amount, leaving a stylish raw hem, or you could sew up the bottom half yourself and make it look complete yourself.

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It took me years to realize that most of these things would enhance the way I get dressed now. These were the few things that I find help my t shirts have that edge and make me feel a bit more put together, and I hope you will too.

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