Falling SHORT of confidence as a Petite Girl?

When you’ve lived all your life so far as being the shortest in the class, the shortest in the office, or feeling like the shortest in the world, it can be a bit of a confidence drainer to begin with.

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You’re so used to being the one in the friendship group that gets picked to play the crying baby (yep that happened to me), you’re the ‘cute one’ (that happened too), or you’re so innocent that you can’t possibly know anything that would be deemed as ‘naughty’, and you’re treated like you’re the youngest. And the funny thing is that you’re actually older than all you’re friends at the time.

But that’s beside the point, because what I really want to talk about are the things that really matter. When you’ve seen things that you think you don’t like and blamed them on the fact that you are small, well you might find that this doesn’t always have to be the case. I’m going to put forward some points that I think matter more in the world that I’ve learnt growing up and I think they should matter in your world if you’re short like me.

People like to Complain

Now if I’m being honest with you, I’ve never been picked on for being short. What didn’t help was that I was very quiet as a kid, and I guess that being short didn’t help me much in feeling very good in myself. But some of you might find that you have been picked on for it, and you know why? Probably for no real good reason.

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Some people just love the feeling of having control over another person, even if it means finding something that will hurt their feelings. If they know that this is a sensitive topic for you, then they may try to use that to make you feel worse and give them self gratification. But the truth is that their opinion doesn’t really matter.

They may well have a few issues in their own life that is making them so bitter. This sometimes makes people lash out at others for no good reason, or they’ll project their problems onto someone else by saying that the other person has this problem. This might be their way of relief, but it is in no way a true reflection of you, because what this says has everything to do with them.

My Mom’s Influence

My mom is actually a pretty big influence on me in life. When I was a child, she was my female role model. Although she spent a lot of time looking after us, she was always very smart, very patient and always there for my sister and me. And why is this relevant? Well I got my short genetics from her. She is around 4 feet 7 inches tall (I think from the last time she was measured), but the point is that she is a lot shorter than me (as I am 5 feet tall).

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And you know what? That height never stopped her reaching new heights (figuratively speaking). She took a risk and moved half way around the world to eventually find what would be her new home, and she conquered it through hard work, perseverance and taking a risk. And this was while being a shorter women, navigating a country that contains a lot of tall people (in my opinion!).

So she has been a massive influence on me, and the amount of effort she would put into anything, any issues that came her way made me aspire to have the same kind of determination in life.

It’s What’s Inside that Counts

And this leads me to this point, which is that it really doesn’t matter how tall you are, there are going to be many more things in the world that you’ll be brilliant at and more capable of that height will really be the last thing on your mind.

Throughout my childhood I was an avid artist. I spent a lot of my spare time drawing and sketching, and I think that this practice helped me to become somewhat good at it. I wouldn’t say I’m the most creative for ideas, but if I was asked to draw a picture of something in front of me, I could usually do it freehand.

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This was often noticed by a lot of other people, from teachers, to parents and friends around me. Not to seem too conceited, but people would often complement me on it, and at one point I was even selected as one of a few people at my junior school to go to an art course for a day, which was particularly flattering (when you’re an 8 year old).

What I’m trying to say is that when you focus on the things that you enjoy, your skills, and the better things in life, these are the real things that give you the most fulfillment, and no one will bat an eyelid that much about your height.

The World is on Your Side

When you’re growing up, and you find that you’re still shorter than every old and new acquaintance that you may encounter in life, you might just have gotten used to it. Sometimes it still sits there at the back of your mind, and a few new people that you meet feel the need to bring up the obvious.

Now my workplace requires some level of physical activity, from things like carrying and pulling heavy weighing items to sometimes reaching items that are higher up on a shelf. These top shelves happen to be pretty high up, and I know that my taller colleagues who are anywhere over 5 foot 8 inches have much less trouble reaching these things for me.

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Now I do sometimes opt for the step ladder, as naturally this is the best way for me to reach things, but often the time it takes to get the ladder all the way from it’s storage place, to where I need it and back again for one small task just seems like a waste of time. So what else can I do? Well if my colleagues are with me, I just simply ask them to do the job for me, and pick a job that might be more in my capable region. It’s not let down at all to make someone do something just because you’re not built for it, especially if it makes more sense. Chances are people are always going to be willing to help you out, and there’s no need to be stubborn just because you’re not quite able to reach something. There are so many more things that being small gives us the advantage of doing.

You are Unique

And when you come to accept the very person that you are at this present moment, that is when you can truly be at peace with yourself. I’ve found that the older I get, the more I’ve naturally found more peace and comfort in myself for being exactly who I am, because I am allowed to be myself.

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And the more I’ve put myself forward through life’s challenges, whether that’s finishing school, getting my first job, learning to drive, and moving out for the first time, navigating all kinds of experiences that life throws at you helps you to grow and become unique and the best version of yourself that’s possible.

10 thoughts on “Falling SHORT of confidence as a Petite Girl?

  1. Good post… the right person for you will love most things about you that the wrong person didn’t as well.

  2. My “Big” sister — six years older than I am — is at least 4 inches shorter; almost everything you say would resonate with her. Many years ago when she (a college grad) and I (a high school sophomore) went shopping for her wedding trousseau together, clerks would invariably think I was the bride. That was when I was 5’4″ and she was 5′ even. Today we’re both aging and shrinking, but she’s still a giant in my heart.

    1. Yes it’s a familiar situation, and even my younger sister is slightly taller than me so many people guess wrongly too. It’s an interesting assumption that people make but they forget adults can really vary in height! Thank you for sharing this story, a very interesting read.

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