Perfect Pair of Shorts for Petites

As the hottest time of the year in the northern hemisphere, the summer time is a great chance to get out and really make the most of the longer days. Staying cool is vital, and a great pair of shorts can really keep us nice and cool, while giving us a refreshing look instead of the usual jeans that we may have been stuck wearing all winter long.

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Here I’m going to highlight some do’s and don’t for us shorter girls when deciding on the best pair of shorts that we can wear in the summer time, and the best styles that will really enhance our look.

Go Shorter

Now shorts are already pretty short, hence their name, But in order for us to find that optimal length for our shorts, it is generally better to go a bit smaller. This doesn’t mean that it has to go too far up, it and it doesn’t have to show your bare back side. But going as far as you’re comfortable with, maybe anywhere between knee height and mid-thigh is favorable.

You see, the more of your leg that is exposed, the better. If you expose more of your skin, you will make your legs as a whole look longer, and make yourself look longer and taller.

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But Don’t Go Too Short

At the end of the day, if you’re not comfortable wearing a pair of shorts that is very short, then don’t go too far with it. If you find yourself trying to fit into a style that you are ultimately not comfortable with, you are not going to wear it with conviction. Because if you can’t convince yourself that you look and feel good in those shorts, then people are going to notice it.

Proper Fit

Now to look at the fit. A lot of people think that going tighter looks great. It shows off your natural curves, and in general it can be very flattering. But on the other hand, you might run into some issues.

Firstly, you might find that these shorts dig into your thighs, especially if they’re a little too snug in that area. As a result, this will not look very flattering, and you image might be somewhat detracted from all in all. I know how are this is to find a pair of shorts that really fit your body type, as I still haven’t found the absolute perfect pair for me yet.

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Few years ago, I bought a pair of mid blue denim shorts. They were great to begin with, I tried it on in the dressing room, and they looked good at the time. I also really needed a pair of shorts for an upcoming holiday abroad, so I went ahead and bought them. But during my holiday, I found I had a few issues with them.

One of the was how tight it was around my thighs, especially if I had to sit down. This made it extremely uncomfortable, it made it very hard to enjoy wearing. In addition, it also squeezed me around my stomach, and I eventually came to realize that these shorts weren’t really right for me. The fact that they were made of a stiff, 100% cotton material probably didn’t help me either, as this reduced its flexibility massively, and that these shorts would have to go, which was fine. And so continued my hunt for the perfect shorts.


So the shorts that I normally find the most relaxing to wear either going to be made of a light, softer material like viscose for instance, or any fabric that is a hybrid with a material called elastane in it. Elastane is a fiber that gives even the toughest of fabrics, like a stiff cotton denim, the ability to be stretched. The outcome is the freedom to move without discomfort and without the fabric stopping you from doing whatever you want.

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My favorite pair of shorts right now is easily my New Look shorts which are made of viscose. They have a small white polka pattern on a black background, with a frilly hem, hitting around the middle of my thighs. They are just perfect as they have enough stretch to move in any way I want, and they flatter because they fit right and the frills give me a nice width dimension on my hips, and therefore less waist width.

So go for shorts that don’t squeeze you so much that it will no longer flatter you or most importantly make you feel good.

Low, Mid or High Rise?

So this really depends on how much importance you want to give to things like ease of movement, creating a certain look, or what you want to match with it.

For comfort, I would say go for mid rise, or a higher rise if the fabric is more stretchy or elastic. This will maximize that height factor by giving your proportions over to your legs, and shortening your torso slightly. This will work with shorter, more cropped tops or tucked in tops. You can even opt for a more form-fitting style, since the fabric won’t restrict you to the point of giving you stomach cramps.


Or what if you want to wear that stiff cotton denim style of shorts? Well all rises can work well for this, but again the mid rise is optimal if you want a combination of style and comfort. Just ensure that you pick a pair of shorts that can cater to any fluctuations in your weight, such as after you’ve eaten a meal. I find this helps me to feel much more relaxed, as wearing something that stiff that doesn’t move can lead me to thinking about for the whole time I’m wearing it, and all you want to do is have fun in your clothes!

And how about the low rise trend as a whole? Okay well if I’m being honest, I’m not a big fan of it. It’s very 90’s-esque, and personally I think it would go pretty well with either a crop top or bandeau, or if you want to cover your tummy a bit more, you could go with some nice neutral heels, be it some sandal style heel, or an over the knee heel to bring continuity to your leg length. But I think that even over the knee heels during the summer can get a bit too warm.

So these are the few things I think about when I’m searching for the perfect pair of shorts. I hope this can be helpful, and I’m not saying I have all the right answers, but these tips certainly help me to be happy with what I’ve got.

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