My Summer Color Palette

As summer is going to last forever (I’m secretly hoping for this), I have been trying to look back over the year and review the sorts of colors I’ve been gravitating towards in my wardrobe. I know that we haven’t exactly had the chance to go out and actually dress up for any reason, except maybe for the sake of it at home, I have still had my few opportunities to pick out some outfits, even if it’s for a trip to the supermarket.

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So on looking back so far, these have been the colors that I believe I’ve worn the most:


This is normally an obvious choice for the summer. Though its technically not a ‘color’ to a lot of people, I find that white is a great option to wear in the summer for a few very good reasons, other than how chic and easy it is to style.

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The first one is that it is a very summery color. When you think of sunshine, barbecue parties and beach vacations, you might think of wearing white clothing. It’s just got that effect of shining in the sun all day everyday.

But there is a good reason that wearing white in hot weather can be good. It can be effective at reflecting the sun’s heat and light rays, and it is less likely to be absorbed into your clothes the same way that it might for a black tee shirt. I think it can be helpful, but either way if it’s hot then you’re just gonna be hot what ever color you wear.

Pale Blue

So the only pieces of clothing that I really wear this color with is on my few pairs of jeans. I’m a big fan of the whole light-washed denim, and I just think the color goes so well and instantaneously with a white tee shirt.

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I have a pair of women’s Levis 551’s, which are an older model that I haven’t seen in ages. These jeans are a relaxed fit, being very loose around the hips, thighs and ankles, and the waist is a high rise. I just love this pair as it’s so casual, but can be very chic when pair with simple or patterned tops alike.

Pale Pink

This very soft and typically feminine color is a favorite of mine right now. I have really got into loving this pale, baby pink shade for quite a few years now, and I just find it to be such an elegant color. It’s pretty close to my skin tone when I haven’t been in the sun (or when I have and I’m bright pink), so sometimes it can pass off really well for a neutral tone on my skin.

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I’m loving the color at the moment, especially if it is combined with the shades mentioned above so far.

Light Grey

I feel there is a bit of a theme with these colors, and that’s a good thing. This light grey hasn’t be as prevalent in all of my outfit choices recently, but I do have the odd tee shirt and jumper in this color.

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It’s such a lovely basic shade that can go well with many, if not any colorful shade of the rainbow. It is a soft, cool neutral tone that can complement my sometimes-pinky toned skin, and best of all with white, pale blue and pale pink.


Now I’ve put these last 2 color options together for a reason. You might even be wondering why these 2 colors are in the mix. They don’t really match that well with the the rest of my color palette, since these are both warmer toned colors. This means that they have more of a yellow coloring to them compared with the pastel colors, all of which contain red or blue undertones.

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Well what I’ve found is that I have a mixture of warm and cool undertones, therefore I’m a neutral undertone. This means I can wear complete outfits on one day with browns, tans and creams (I love this for fall/autumn time), but if I choose I could also wear an outfit of baby pink, navy blues and whites. There isn’t really a hard or fast rule about sticking to these, but in theory doing so will make the colors flatter your skin tone more.

The only color that I had combined these tones with is my white clothing. My white tops and blouses go well with the tan colored pants, and my tan and cream shirts go nicely my white high rise jeans.

So these are the colors that I am currently gravitating toward for the past few months. I’m still on my wardrobe journey, to figure out my true authentic style.

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