Best Jean Styles for Petite Girls

I love myself a pair of jeans. They are one of the pieces in my wardrobe that I wear over and over again as it is just so classic in my everyday look. It is the item of clothing that gives me the most confidence in my casual and more relaxed outfits, and my height can sometimes make me second guess which ones are the best for my body. So here are the styles that I believe does the best work for us, so we don’t have to.

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Skinny Jean

The skinny jean has great shape that gives us control of our bodies, and with that control of our style and look. Because they are a form fitting pair of leg wear that hug us nicely, over the legs, hips and the waist, they create a minimal amount of extra width on the shape of our body. To give us shorter girls the best chance of looking taller, we want to do our best to decrease the perceived width of our legs, and the skinny jean is perfect for that. And since you can get any waist rise with this style, you can maximize this with a nice high waisted look.

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One of my favorite pairs of jeans right now is a skinny, mid blue wash pair of jeans from Topshop. They are called the Jaime jeans, and they are pretty flattering on me for some reasons. Its figuring hugging look just looks so intentional, and then its cut, just above my ankles, and a mid rise makes it even more well thought out, as it doesn’t make me look like I am hiding behind the fabric of my clothes, but as if I have chosen pieces that fit me perfectly.

Mom Jeans

Another of my favorite pairs of jeans, this look is just so comfy and freeing thanks to its looser more baggy fit around the hips and waist. I know that I need a lot of room around my waistline area on any occasion when I need to eat, or if I’m going out to have a quick take out lunch. The safety of having a bit more give at my waistline is just a great feeling, and I know I’m not going give myself stomach aches just because I feel like wearing a tighter and slightly uncomfortable pair of jeans.

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My other Topshop jeans, a pair of black mom jeans from their premium collection, is just the most stylish look and I love it. Its cinched in waistline, contrasting its more sparing fit about my hips are perfect for me and my height. My most defined points looks like my waist, which is the highest and optimized part of my torso area. My mom jeans, paired with a simple black Chelsea boot, is just a chic and relaxed daily look, and gives my height that little boost.

Girlfriend Jeans

Now the girlfriend jeans are a little different from the first 2. They are a straighter fit, and they are like a tighter version of the boyfriend jeans, which are big, baggy and with that straight fit. Girlfriend jeans are much better than the boyfriend jeans however as its less likely to drown you in fabric. Since it has a better set of dimensions on your body, it gives you more control of your naturally smaller stature.

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It also changes up the typical silhouette that you get from the tapered and skinny jean looks. Since it gives you the same width all over in general from waist to toe, you can change your outfit’s focal point from your bottom half to your top half. So make the most of it, wear those loud, frilly blouses, those puffy shouldered-sleeves and make your height the last thing anyone else notices!


Now this last type of denim pants is more of an interesting and kind of retro style. A bit of a throw back to the 70’s, what are also known as the bell bottoms style is actually something that can make us look a lot taller.

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See, where the other styles primarily focus on the waistline and the ankle widths, the flares will focus on decreasing the waist width, but the flares at the ankles come outwards again. This gives the waistline that magical image of looking smaller and more in line with the upper half of the body, and gives your outfit that extra – flare! (I had to say it!) It’s also one of those styles that, paired with a lovely floral pattern top, could give you that effortless boho look.

So never give up on finding the perfect pair of jeans to enhance your height. There are many more styles, shapes, types, rises and even a variety of colors than you can experiment with to make your jeans amplify your presence.

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