Why Cotton Garments are a Summer Staple

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Cotton is such a versatile fabric. It’s the perfect fabric to be worn all year around, and from those chilly winter days, where you need all the layers you can get, all the way up to the hottest summers, cotton is just such a winner. I want to go through some of the properties that justify it’s winning star quality.


The ability for cotton to be so light weight makes this an incredibly good cooling garment. As a natural fiber, it is a not at all dense or heavy when you are wearing this, and as a result it is very comfortable to wear, whether you are out and about, or just relaxing at home on the sofa.

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This also comes hand in hand with the fact that cotton is a lightweight, thinly spread material in its most basic form. Cotton is comprised of a lot of air in between the fabric molecules, or lots of spaces. These very tiny, minuscule gaps mean that your skin underneath the clothes has the ability to breathe. This is so important during the summer time, when the heat will make you very warm, and your skin needs to be able to cool down, and the ability to release the heat from your body. These air pockets are also a great feature for another side effect of the hot weather.

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Cotton is great at absorbing any kind of moisture, whether that’s water, or in this case, sweat. During the summer, you are naturally going to sweat a lot as your body tries its best to cool itself down. It is necessary for us to produce this moisture so that our bodies can get rid of all that extra heat, by letting the water evaporate the heat off our clothes. This is how we cool ourselves down, and cotton is one of the best fabrics at aiding this process.

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Absorbency improves Color Dye

Its ability to take in a large amount of water makes it a great choice of fabric to dye. That ability for water retention makes it the best candidate for giving it vivid dyes, or any variation of color. This provides you a with a wide variety of choices, from brighter shades, softer shades, or even darker shades. And it’s biggest advantage is that these colors can stay very well on the material, without fading! So you can be confident that your colors will stay strong for many years to come.

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It’s Flexible and Soft

Cotton is one of those materials that can feel so great on your skin. I love how soft it is, and this is an essential property for the clothing we wear in summer, especially when we are finding discomfort in other areas. Its softness makes it lovely and flexible, so you can move about more freely, and both your skin and your body will have no trouble feeling the freedom of a cooler summer air.

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Many thinner pieces of cotton even have a small amount of stretch too. It isn’t the stretchiest fabric out there, as we know that thicker, 100% cotton fabrics like denim lack the ability to be stretched. But it has enough flexibility to accommodate our bodies in most flattering ways possible.

It’s One of the Best Fabrics

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All these properties combined make cotton one of the best fabrics for the summer in my opinion. Although I have previously said that linen is a great fabric for summer, which I believe is true, I think that cotton overtakes it as the best overall material, not only for the warmer months of summer but for every season in the year.

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