Double-Denim Hacks?

You might be reading this title with a big frown on your face right now. Yeah right, double denim? Wasn’t that a thing in the 90’s, a retro look which is clearly for a good reason now? Well actually, I don’t think its that bad. It’s just one of those things that once a few people seem to hate it, then everyone jumps on the hate band wagon. And since fashion can make people turn their noses up at certain styles, it seems to stay that way with the changing winds of trends.

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Thing is, you can work your way around this trend and not get the same kinds of looks that you might think it gets. And I will go through a few that may well secretly work.

Dark and Light Denim

The first change you could do is to make the top and bottom halves a different shade of denim. So for example you could wear dark blue jeans and a light blue denim jacket. This way, you can divide up the image of your outfit through the use of the contrasting shades of blue, and give your clothes a new dimension. But it doesn’t have to only be the bluest shades of denim, you could also go for option 2.

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2 Colored Denim

This is the fun and playful option that you can go through with, and it doesn’t have to look like a classic denim outfit. So imagine your white pair of denim, high waisted mom jeans, your pale blue denim jacket, a little white bandeau and a pair of white sneakers… it would be so cute! The way that these colors would work makes the whiter clothes stand out more as a cohesive set, and the pale blue denim jacket that additional accessory, a pop of color in the outfit.

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Or even a dreamy baby pink denim sleeveless top and a denim mini skirt in light blue, it would make the pastel delight!


You could be cheeky here and choose a material which is a lot like denim, but in fact it isn’t the same at all. Though they look really similar at first sight, because they are both woven materials that are usually in a shade of blue, it’s no wonder people see their similarities. But chambray is actually technically different.

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Denim is woven into a twill weave, which is a more complex and secure structure, resulting in a thicker type of fabric, whereas chambray is only a single weave, so its structure is simpler and often thinner. But these 2 together make a perfect match, because they are so similar. As an outfit, they can look like a complete collection, a complete set. And you can get away with it without dipping into your double denim conscience!

Dungaree look

How about changing it up instead? We’ve talked about the kinds of proportions that change your vertical stature, but what about changing your silhouette? I think that the dungaree is a great way to do something different with your denim outfits.

You can pair a classic dungaree playsuit in a looser fit with flared leg bottoms and your cropped denim jacket. This ways you’ve changed up the shape of your look instead of the visual boundaries of your look.

You could even go with the dungaree dress, up to your thighs and match it to your denim jacket in the same or contrasting color, for a change of tone (but still a very casual one). Just have fun with it!

Just Wear It Anyway!

You could hide it as much as possible, but if you like double-denim, then do it anyway! You’ve probably read this post to the end for that very reason, that you actually don’t mind it that much.

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I kind of like it and I think it can look pretty chic and cohesive. You can even style it with some other accessories than stand out on that monochromatic look, and just rock the look no matter what!

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