Am I Making the Right Purchase?

It’s so easy to get swept into the excitement of an impulse purchase. In the past few years, I know for sure that I have been caught out buying new clothes regularly to fill a space up in my life. Boredom and discontent are 2 of the biggest reasons that we buy like there’s no tomorrow.

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A few years ago, I basically lived in a small room. Everything that I owned was crammed into it, and on top of that, I wasn’t particularly enjoying my job either. This meant that on my days off, I would leave the house and find something to do outside. And shopping became that new hobby.

Going into a clothing retailer was like a sparkling new opportunity to find something that looked cute or pretty and I thought I’d like. New micro trends would come in and I’d imagine myself adorning these new things. I hadn’t recognized or identified my personal style, yet I was buying because it was so exciting to have something new.

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And then when I got home, I would add this to a collection of more things I had accumulated beforehand in that single room.

Deciding whether what you’re buying is right for you takes a bit of thinking and patience, but it starts with experimenting and research.

Favorites You Already Have

Finding what works for you means that you need to dive in and give varying styles and shapes a go. If you don’t know where to start, why not look at what you’ve already got?

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Chances are you’ve got a favorite top that you realize you always reach for. Or it’s that skirt which always ends up being worn. Whatever the item is, assess it’s properties. Is it the pattern? The colors? The silhouette? It’s only when you find that pattern that you can start to shop more sensibly.

Window Shop

Now you’ve got a list of ideas that you think make your favorite pieces stand out.. so start browsing. You can look online and put the items into a wishlist. This way you won’t have to buy the item instantly, and you can compare it to other clothes that you like.

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If you know that the store has a fair returns policy (or even free returns), then you could consider ordering it to try it on. Most people find this works best to really get a feel for how it works when you wear it.

Wait 3 days/72 hours

This simple act has become very popular to help most people control their spending. Say you’ve seen something online or in store and it’s love at first sight! Well hold on a second. Instead of just buying it, try waiting on it for 3 days. Bookmark it on your phone, and give yourself time before you go back to it.

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These hours will really help you to think long and hard about you choices. Do you really love that piece? Or are you just wanting something new for the sake of it? By the time you come back to check on it, maybe you will have your real answer to those questions.

Last Resort

Maybe it’s too late. You’ve already ordered it, and for some reason there’s a no returns policy, or better yet you’ve missed the deadline to change your mind. Yes this is a bit annoying, as you’ve got something you don’t want.

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But there’s always plenty of things you can do with it. Would anyone around you appreciate it? You could maybe gift it to someone.

Or sell it? It’s so easy to sell your unused clothes online on places like eBay and depop. They allow you to decide the price you want to sell for, albeit for a percentage of your profits. But there are always good ways to make the most of a bad decision, and learn from it.

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