Patterns on a Petite Girl

Patterns are one of the best ways to jazz up your outfit. They can bring out another dimension to your outfit, take you down a journey of 2-toned color combinations, and just be an all-round cute feature on your pieces.

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But if you’re not careful, those cute patterns could be the only thing we see when we see you. You could be lost in a pattern that does no justice at all on your graceful and modest height.

So as shorter girls, we must play with the magic that we possess to make an outfit work for us, and it truly be our own. So what patterns work well?

Vertical Pin-Stripes

How can we win at the height game? We do it by wearing pin-striped outfits that demonstrate how much length us shorter ladies have.

The pin stripe is a classic pattern that has been around for decades, They give us class in our formal, need-to-be-smart 2-piece outfits, with all their subtly, and yet they have that relaxed chic style when worn with your casual, vertical striped linen jumpsuit.

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And more importantly, they are the key to giving us that boost of length. Stripes when printed vertically and narrowly appear longer because they are technically longer in height than your 2 dimensional width. When you look in the mirror, you only really see 2 dimensions in one go; your length and your width.

And all these stripes do is become the focus, the center of attention. So no one will be looking at how tall you are, but rather that the stripes appear to be going on forever and ever.

Small Polka Dots

Nothing gets more classic than the image of those polka dots. They are an iconic piece of the 1950’s style era, and give that soft feminine touch to a look with its symmetrically round repetition. The key to making this look work the best on us shorter women is making sure those polka dots are smaller!

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If those dots are too big, you risk looking like a party clown (I’m joking, but it’s not good!). So keep those dots smaller, as it works better with our height proportions. And the smaller those polka dots are, the more dots you’ll have on your clothes, which will give you that image of having more surface area, and being in full control of those patterns.

Broderie Anglaise

Nothing is cuter or more unique than the textures that you get on those broderie anglaise pieces. You have probably seen this design feature everywhere, without ever knowing what its called. Its only very recently that I’ve learnt its name, but I know that I learnt to love it long ago!

Broderie Anglaise is basically a form of needlework, which comprises of very intricate patterns that are often symmetrical or repetitive. They use beautiful, rounded shapes, inspired by the natural world, such as flower petals and leaves, and create little lacy designs with tiny holes in it.

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You will most likely see it on white clothing, since they are so good in easy breezy summer pieces. And how can they help petite ladies like us?

The textures work like magic. Through those intricacies, it builds up a world of illusions, by placing these patterns in clever places like the waistband, showing off a very small section of skin, but also anywhere throughout your clothing pieces.

It is the perfect kind of pattern to have as it is small in nature, which fares well with our littler proportions, while also satisfying the kind of person that doesn’t what to use a second color in their patterned motifs.

2-Toned Block Color

So you want to go bigger and bolder, but without wearing those patterns big? Then go block coloring. This is the ultimate ‘illusion’ pattern, and the best you can get. Because a lot of other body types actually use this to play with all kinds of proportions.

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Take someone with a more straight body type. This means that your hips, waist and legs are roughly the same width. So with this body type, how do you make yourself look curvy? By adding vertical, curved block shaped stripes into your outfit.

By using strong contrasting colors, such as black and a paler shade, you can make your outfits transform your height. When adding those massive black color blocks on each side of your outfit, the result is a pattern highlighting the brightest color, since the black fades into the distance with the background.

You can also do this with horizontal lines. When you use 2 bold and contrasting colors to divide up your torso and legs, you can create the effect of having longer legs simply by moving the division up.

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As a bonus, if your bottom half happens to be close to your skin color, it will lengthen that leg measurement, and you can instantly appear to look naturally taller.

All in all, patterns can be one of the best ways to create illusions with your shorter stature. Since you don’t always have to wear something tighter or uncomfortable to achieve the appearance of height with your patterned pieces, this is often the best method, as well as being an exciting way to play with color!

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