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So summer is very nearly drawing to a close. In the past few weeks, we have seen the hottest weather across the world in decades since they were making records of this. And even though it has cooled down slightly for us here in the UK, we should still try to hold on to the last pieces of summer that we can get. Before long, 2 months will have gone by and Halloween will already be here.

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One of the best things about summer are the kinds of patterns that you can wear. It’s the season of fun, spending as much time outdoors as possible, soaking in the sunshine and sipping on cool drinks on the rocks all evening. And you want to remember yourself wearing clothes that look just as fun as the experiences that you’re having.

Let’s remind ourselves of the best kinds of patterns that you can be wearing all summer, even for just this last month.


When I think of the kinds of fun prints that I love wearing during the months of July and August, I always think of wearing flowers. You can technically wear this pattern in the spring time too, but at what time of year do you see the most range of blooms opening up?

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Imagine the brighter, more vivid hues when you think of summer florals. Think pale blue for the blue summer skies, think sunflowers that start flowering right about now. Or think of reds, pinks, oranges and yellows that strike out from your outfits into the eyes of everyone you see.

This style always comes back time and time again every year for a very good reason. Florals are timeless, as every years we are guaranteed to see petals and an array of colors in all the gardens across the country. And wearing these designs reminds us of the beauty of nature before our eyes.

Mesh Fabric

This isn’t technically a pattern or print, it’s more like a textile. But the classic texture of the mesh, netting like material is such a great integration into our summer outfits.

It’s suitable because it they normally have varying sizes of gaps in the fabric, so no matter what the fibers are made of, you’re skin will never have any trouble breathing. But most importantly, if you want to show off some skin, but you don’t want to go all the way with bare arms or abdomen out, then a mesh top is the way to meet half way.

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The simple and fine criss-cross pattern of the threads means it doesn’t have to be distracting to wear either. This makes a great layering piece with a tank top or a bralette underneath it, to give your outfit a little highlight of color over the top. I know that in the last few years, neon colored mesh tops have been popular since they’re easy to wear and give you clothes a stunning pop of color.


Another blessing from nature that we can use to inspire all of our summer outfits. Patterns of fruits are so easy to apply to our summer dresses, because fruits come in all shapes, colors and sizes. A popular trend in recent years again has been the pineapple print, and it’s easy to see why.

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It differs from the usual apples, oranges and pears, and pineapples are originally grown in tropical and more warmer climates. And since summer time can be pretty tropical even in the most temperate countries, we can see that this is probably why pineapple images thrive as a symbol of amazingly hot weather.

Palm trees

This is another nod to the foliage that you can find in more tropical climates. The palm tree or palm leaf designs are everywhere once the sign of summer appears. These plants are almost always synonymous with any kind of tropical shirt or design, or with typical holiday wear clothes.

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Palm tree designs make better use as single prints on a graphic tee shirt. This is because palm trees have a lot of detail and require a more center stage presence when worn, whereas the palm leaves are more suitable to being used repetitively across an outfit.

Sea shells

It may be more rare or strange to presume that we wear sea shell prints during the hot months, but I don’t think it’s that far off. When you go down to the beach during the summer to walk along the promenade or sit on the pebbles, you will more likely come across sea shells.

On the plainer and finer sands of beaches of more tropical locations, it is usually easier to see a wider variety of beautiful sea shells, which makes this design purposeful for shell inspired pieces everywhere.


Many other elements of our outfits are influenced by the sea world too. The classic oyster shell pendant or earrings, or even the use of pearls in necklaces all come from nature’s own waters. Its just a great reminder of beauty of summer by the sea.

Snake print

Summer is not summer without the reptilian skin print. The snake print is so fitting of the hot climate aesthetic, and you can wear this on any part of you, from your faux snake skin boots, to a bandanna, or a top or dress. Basically you can wear this on anything,

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Once again, we have to lend this one to nature because there is nothing you can go wrong with during the seasons when you look to the environment for inspiration. Snakes, which usually live in hotter countries and temperature, make for the perfect safari chic look.

Thick pastel stripes

So the last one isn’t just a summer pattern, but the pastel coloring is definitely what you’re looking for in your summer prints.

From pale pinks and purples to pale yellows and greens, this soft mixture of colors creates the perfect mood mix for a hot weather ensemble. These stripes can be pretty great at making your clothing fabrics a little more opaque by creating an extra layer of cover on what is usually a thinner summer fabric.

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By using stripes, you get the chance to wear all the color you like and become as much a walking symbol of summer and good times as the good weather represents itself.

So what’s you’re favorite kind of print to wear over the summer season? Don’t forget to make the most of it in the next few weeks before we start wrapping up for fall/autumn.

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