Tips for Intentional Looks

Most of us are leading very busy lives. I know this is true for myself; I work ten hour days most of the time, and any free minutes to myself are a luxury.

Without as much free time as I’d like, this means that I don’t want to stress out about putting together outfits that look well-intentioned.

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So is there anything you can do to make your life easier to enjoy, while appearing to keep a well thought out image of intention? Well yes, I believe you can do this in many ways.

But before you can go into auto-pilot, you need to do your research. What clothes, silhouettes, colors, or accessories suit you? What do you like wearing? It’s only then that you can dive straight into styling those put-together outfits that will take you no time at all.


When you own an outfit that is just so chic and all in one color, it can look as if it came as a 2 piece set! Having a good monochrome pairing, like 2 slightly different shades of taupe, just has a way of looking put together.

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This works especially well with colors like pink, red or blue, as opposed to shades like black or white, since you can actually see the variation in the 2 or more different colors being used.

However, be sure to use shades that are both either a warm tone in its color, or a cool tone. Ensuring that these hues match means you avoid a nasty clash of colors, which can look so unintentional.

Now you might find monochrome to be, well a little monotonous. It’s the same color all over, and you want to be a little different. So how about mixing textures?

Try wearing a satin top with your bottoms, or throw velvet or faux leather into the mix. I love playing with textures in my pieces and it avoids me from getting too bored of monochrome.


When I just want to throw on my most comfortable and simple outfit, then jewelry is almost always an easy way to add class, even if its with something as simple as a tee shirt and a pair of jeans.

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My personal favorite is to wear a pair of silver heart earrings, and a matching silver pendant necklace. These are just two very simple pieces of jewelry, yet matching these two shows that you put some thought into your look.

You can even do this with your necklace and a bracelet, or even all three together! And since I like all silver jewelry, this already does the work for me as being the same color gives you less confusion in your overall look. I just feel so much more confident with my little interesting pieces on.

Just remember that there’s no need to go overboard with your jewelry. The fewer pieces that you actually wear, the less cluttered you’ll look, and the more polished you will look.

And speaking of coordinating your accessories…

Shoe, Bag + Belt in Sync

It’s something that I have been a little bit obsessed with recently. Matching accessories is one of those small elements that can tie your outfit all together.

It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing green combat pants with an orange crop top, or just a simple white dress. If you accessorize it with some brown sandals, a brown handbag and even a brown belt, then what you have is a complete ensemble!

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The fact that your accessories can be the same color is exactly what draws the eyes to it as a statement of this. It’s saying that you know who you are, and what you want to look like, even in your carefree and casual times. And nothing says put together more than that.

My personal favorite right now is my blush pink two-inch heels from the British shoe brand Clarks, along with my neutral peachy colored clutch bag from The Cambridge Satchel Company, which was gifted to me a few birthdays ago. Although my shoes are heels, they are so so comfortable!

The soles of the shoes are padded, particularly at the heel and balls of the foot, which feels like you’re walking on marshmallows, and when I pair these two with a pair of white jeans and a thin white knit jumper, I feel like I’m ready to take on the world!

Hair Care

So this ones kind of a no brainer right? Why would want to look like a bird’s nest lived in your hair? I’m joking really, but looking after your hair can help to enhance just about any outfit you’re wearing.

Take a tank top and jogging pants combination. At face value, you’d think it seems like lounge wear. Yes don’t get me wrong, I’d definitely lounge about in that. Now say you want to pop to the shops but you don’t want to change, you could brush and detangle your hair, plait it and even put on a red lip, and suddenly you’re ready to leave the front door.

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Adding in these little finishing touches just helps to polish your look, no matter how you look. And keeping your hair tidy and mess free is so important, given that it is a main part of what people will look at is your face.

If you have trouble looking after your hair due to frizz, tangles or oil imbalances, I would suggest investing in good shampoos and conditioner products for your hair. There are many brands out there that can tame these difficulties, so it is just a case of trialing them.

I would also suggest that you don’t skip on using conditioner. I used to do this a lot as my hair struggled with oil imbalances, but as a result my hair would actually suffer and become brittle and dry. After opting for regular conditioner use, my hair has become more rich and healthy, and as conditioner can help to keep frizz at bay, I find that individual strands of hair are less likely to go flying everywhere.

At first, finding ways to keep your image well intentioned looking can be difficult. But once you let these small habits find their way into your life, you be a natural at the effortless chic.

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