Why You Need Art In Life

So you want to live a life of purpose that you can enjoy, but somehow you can’t find any happiness in it. The gift of being able to find joy in your everyday life can be very challenging, especially if you spend more time working and doing something that doesn’t necessarily feel like your life goal.

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Fortunately you can always find a way to make it that much better. Every moment in your day that is free from the grips of society can be used as you please. Be spontaneous about it, go to that place that you’ve always wanted to visit but never been bothered to go to. Start learning that instrument you’ve always wanted to play, and yes, maybe start an artistic project online that you’ve always wanted to do.

Choosing Joy

Why should you do the things in life that you want to do? Well should you even be asking that question? Chances are, even if you work most days for 5 days a week, you will still always have the time to do something that you want to do. And with that time, you should always always go and do what you want.

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If you come home one day after work and you’re bored of your surroundings, go outside for a walk. Just do it! Because if you don’t do it now, then when are you going to do it? This is so important particularly after such a long day which might bring your mood down, because having an outlet, a way to wind down and release at the end will make you feel so much better.

If you feel like painting from a canvas and imagining a beautiful Aurora Borealis, then why not? In the beginning, its true that you might not enjoy your own painting because it doesn’t fulfill what you think is perfect. And actually that’s fine. But remember, the more you practice, the more you research how to paint that aurora, and the more you learn, the better you will become. So persist, even if its not great at first, because trust me, that painting will become a master piece.

Being Human

Another part of us, being a human, is finding any way possible to express ourselves. It’s very unlikely, unless you’re lucky enough to have a creative job, that your workplace can fulfill all your expressive bits. Maybe in between during your breaks, you might have a moment of freedom for your artistic pursuits. But at every other time you must only follow orders. And who said that only following orders makes you a better and more rounded person?

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Expressing your true self is an absolutely necessity to the existence of life itself. How could you connect with anyone if you were rigid, lifeless and unwilling to listen? How could you find yourself and be truly happy? I don’t think happiness is about finding your way through other people’s preset paths, but through being able to make small choices of your own along the way.

Think Beyond the Box

Ever heard of thinking outside the box? Yes, it’s about coming to different conclusions that you might never have thought of. Thinking rigidly is not good for anyone’s brain, because it teaches it not to try new skills, ideas, or ways of doing things. Every once in a while, testing the waters and being more intuitive to your surrounding can really help you so much with problem solving.

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Because when you allow your brain to find something unusual, and idea that hasn’t been traversed, you are giving yourself the opportunity to dive into new territory. It can be scary at first, or it can be the most elating thing to experience. New experiences help you challenge your current ways of being and make you into a better and more well rounded person.

Finding New Bests

So you know what you like in your life, right, or do you? After some time, what you’ll find is that the things you thought were at the top of your list for enjoyment have just been over done. If you consistently choose the same daily activity for a hobby everyday, you will eventually tire yourself of its novelty. This lack of excitement is enough to make you bored of these once enjoyed things, while also keeping you in a rut.

But you could always change up how you use your spare time, and maybe try something different out of the blue? If you don’t feel you can vibe with this new activity, then its fine, and you don’t have to go back to it. So long as you’ve tried it, then at least you really know.

But if you realize that you do, then it can feel pretty amazing. Finding that new place that you can hike to at random during your days off, or that new place to eat out. Whatever it is, finding a new novelty keeps your mind refreshed by the newness and shininess of it being something you’ve never done, and your mind feels explored and cultured for another day.

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I know that recently I’ve found my new favorite local walkabout spot in town. Just off the beaten track, through a little bridge over a railway track, there is a natural conservation area where wild plants are free to grow and take over the land. Wild birds, such as sparrows and great tits go from tree to tree, singing and rummaging for food. This might seem boring, but to me, this is the beauty of nature. I love it so much as it contrasts my very hectic workplace atmosphere, full of people, movement, a lot of physical items, and never ending tasks. In this natural environment, my mind can wander free with the birds.

I find that it can also feel as if you’ve done more with your time when you’ve done something new with it, in comparison to when you haven’t, or even if you’ve done nothing with it. With more new things that you try, you will have more new memories of a never encountered before experience, and your brain will be all the better for it.

Beauty is Happiness

When I see a place that is stunning, or a place that has balance, lack of clutter and simplicity, I find my mind is at ease, or at peace. This clarity brought on by my surroundings gives me a sense of satisfaction, and nothing feels better than floating between everything that exists. That’s the feeling when everything, in one particular moment, just feels perfect. Like nothing can ruin it. And why not enjoy the beauty of aesthetics?

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Recently I’ve been watching a channel on YouTube. This channel has a artist that paints acrylic paintings in the front of the camera and records it for the time it makes to create. I find watching this, with its calming music, extremely relaxing and satisfying to watch, because the process of creating such a perfect painting is magical, and the end result is so satisfying to see.

It it amazing to see so much skill turn into the kind of visual that you can stare at for hours and hours, and never get bored of. And with every new art piece, even if it is a different take on the same theme, is always bright, new, and full of that novelty.

Art is one of those things that I used to think I was good at, but fell out of love with in the past 10 years. Now I have come back to realize just how much I need it in my life, at a time when I can’t seem to get enough of it, and when I realize just how full of artistic expression we all are.

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