Alternatives to Physical Thrift Stores?

So I’ve talked about why I think you should do more second hand thrift shopping in this article here, and even the downsides to thrifting in this article here. But today, I want to talk about what you can do if you can’t go to physical stores to by second hand and pre loved clothing items.

There are many many other ways to search for these already used but ready to be worn more items, and the best place you can search for this is online. Here I will let you in on the best places that you can have a scavenge for some potential new treasures right at your fingertips.


Probably the most well known site for finding pre used items online, eBay is the home of those too good to lose items that customers can bid for. This platform is so simple and easy to use, as you can find many items from any of the shops that you already buy at. From high street retailers such as River Island and Top Shop, to those high end and luxury goods like Chanel and Prada. Whatever you’re looking for, you are more than guaranteed to find something from one of these places.

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For the high street retailers, you don’t have to worry about authenticity so much. You can get these pieces even at a fraction of the price you would find them in the shop, and best of all, you can even find these items in unused condition! All you need to do is select them in the filters so you can get results for new with tags, without tags or used. Either way, you can find some great deals!

For the high end luxury brands, this can be a little bit trickier as you might find people are selling fakes of these big names. Of course there are ways around this, such as asking the seller as many questions as you can about the product before you buy, and make sure you do this through eBay’s own messaging system. This way, if you have any issues, then eBay can see the messages too. You might also want to do your research on the item you’re planning to buy, and compare seller’s photo’s to what the genuine article is originally described as. This will give you a better idea of what you are looking for, but it’s best to be safe when buying more expensive goods. If you have reason to doubt something, then maybe it’s best you don’t buy it.


The next best place to shop for second hand clothing in my opinion is Depop. This is an online platform very similar to eBay, except that it specializes in clothes and accessories only. This is a great place to find not only trendy fashion pieces but also some very nice vintage clothes too. You’ll find all kinds of sellers who are either selling pieces they don’t wear anymore, or some people that do this more often as a side hobby.

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Again, like with eBay, you must take care to look out for authentic items when looking to buy high end label names. You can message the seller on this platform too, and can get some more information on the item you want to get.

All in all, it’s a platform you can trust on the whole. Many people use this, either on the app or the website, and a lot of reviews are left on the website from real buyers. So give this one a go if you’re looking for some more unique pieces.

ASOS Marketplace

Now this is an interesting place to look for second hand and vintage pieces. I have never personally bought from here before, but basically this site hosts a range of small businesses selling vintage or unique pieces that never go out of fashion. Brands like Nike, Adidas and Levis can be found here, as well as other items of clothing that will be hard to find on the high street.

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This is definitely the place to shop if you want to find some stand out pieces that set you apart from the crowd. And much like the first two options, marketplace allows you sell your own goods too.

One things to note is that a percentage of your sales are taken by the company if you plan to sell with them. The same goes for the previous two choices, as this is the way that they keep their business running for everyone using it.

Charity Shops Online

So this option is one of those things that can be well hidden on he internet, yet when you have a search for it, you might find quite a few things. One example here in the UK is the Oxfam online second hand clothes store, which sell more pieces that they would either normally sell in the physical shops or they decide to put online because it will give them a little bit more exposure.

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Another place to find these charity stores is through the eBay website. Other charities will run their sales through this platform, as there are less fees associated with doing it through another website, as opposed to creating their own website and paying the fees and running costs for that. This can be another hidden treasure if the stores don’t flag up instantly, and you might bag yourself a good bargain.


So this last platform is one for the more high end luxury goods. Vestiaire is a website that sells pre owned fashion from those brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Chanel or Burberry. Whatever the brand, they are guaranteed to have it there, but the price is more likely to still amount to a lot, especially for those super classic pieces that are still sought after throughout the years.

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Even though these prices may look like a lot, they are still more reasonable than if they were bought brand new. Things that originally cost thousands of pounds may only cost hundreds on this website. But the best thing about it is that you’re guaranteed to get the genuine, authentic goods. Because each item they sell gets a good and thorough check, they make sure that what they put up is the real deal. If it isn’t, they just won’t sell it. Simple. So although you’re seeing big price tags, you’re also in safe hands away from fake items.

So those are just a few out of many options that you can search for online for second hand goods. Many more places are coming up over time so there will never be a stop to the number of places you can access for great items that haven’t given up being useful yet.

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