Comfort vs. Classy: Can Your Outfits Have It All?

Whether you’re in the transitional period of your wardrobe make over, or you’re starting up your collection from scratch, deciding which direction your looks go can be incredibly tough, especially if you don’t quite know what you like yet. In some ways, I know I’m still putting together my best, most up to date wardrobe, with good style ideas that best suit me. I also understand what I like too, and that is the most important factor consideration, because if you don’t like what you wear, you won’t feel good either.

So the biggest obstacle to tackle is whether you can find yourself some outfit choices that are both comfortable, and that also fulfill the need to look classy, polished and put together. Is this really possible to do at all?

Focus on Mentality First

My first important point to consider is not necessarily the looks itself, but the idea behind this. What I mean is that what is your current mentality? Are you comfortable with your body just the way it is? Or do you tend to focus in on the parts of you that you don’t like at all? When you think about this point, it could potentially be the key to breaking your dressing habits that require you to wear things that fit so uncomfortably, yet in your mind, are the best things to wear, to give you that confidence boost.

Now there is nothing wrong with wearing what you want, and boosting your confidence is something I’ll never condone in an outfit choice. But what if you feel trapped into having to wear certain things just because you feel this will improve your image? This discomfort will nag at you every time you try to do something simple, like walk about in those incredibly tight or high heeled shoes that are digging deep into your feet, or that pair of jeans that squeeze you around the stomach every time you sit down. Whatever this is, it will make you feel pain, and it will spill out into your outward expression. What should be the look of someone enjoying themselves in a stunning outfit then becomes someone showing awkward body language thanks to those clothes that just don’t make them feel whole.


The same goes for wearing pieces that completely hide your body. I’ve done this in the past due to my insecurities when growing up, but I knew that I wanted to venture into wearing more form fitting styles. The only thing here that is stopping you from doing this is your mindset, and your lack of confidence. Once you can get past it the first time, it will get easier and easier to wear styles you were afraid to try.

Now Find What Actually Fits You

The second and most obvious thing is picking clothes that fit your actual dimensions. This is pretty crucial if you want to avoid anything like constantly pulling down your skirt all the time because it’s too short, to tripping up on the longest pair of trousers that drag beyond the length of your heels. And all because you were determined that you would fit into those clothes.

But what you’ll find once again is that mentality plays a big part in this. So I’m all very into creating illusions with my clothes and outfits, and I love how certain little features or micro fashions in some cases actually do a world of good to my otherwise ordinary looks. What isn’t always healthy is having your mind fixed to one idea alone of how your clothes should look. If you’re basing this image on how someone else is wearing it, then you may be disappointed if your proportions aren’t similar. And good chances are that they aren’t. So be open to thinking about how you can make this work for you, what could look good? Try to experiment, or do some research into what your body’s proportions can do for you, because there’s always a way to work around it.


The third thing I think you should consider is the type of fabric you’re picking. Choosing the right material for the right outfit can be brilliant when you want to look and feel good at the same time. The best kinds of materials are balanced in their thickness, which gives them an ideal amount of stretch. If they contain a bit of elastane then that’s even better. This stretch is great at making give room for your body to change shape and be more flexible if necessary. This also means that you can worry less about the measurements being exact for your body.

Another thing you want to think about is how easy is it to take care of? Do you need to take any extra care to keep it looking tidy, as with linen for instance, which creases easily? Or can you do as you please and find it still keeps it’s shape well, such as with polyester or lyocell? I find that lyocell and modal are great at keeping shape in my clothes, as well as being fairly flexible and so soft and comfortable. I love these fabrics and how clever their properties can be.

Don’t Settle!

The main thing to remember here is that yes, your clothes can be comfortable to wear, and look stylish all at the same time. Why? Because it is allowed to be that way, and the only way that it’s allowed is if you choose for it to be. Clothes should always be something that you can enjoy, whether it’s for it’s aesthetics or the way it feels of you. If something looks great at first, but it’s not satisfying to wear, then don’t settle for it! That is why there are literally millions of choices when it comes to clothes, all unique and something is going to fit you more like a glove! You just need to be willing to keep searching for it.

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