When Should You Trust Your Instincts?

Lately I’ve been pretty reflective on my life. I’ve been reviewing my working situation, a place where I must go five days a week for 10 hours a day, slaving away with physically tiring and mentally draining work. I’ve thought a lot about the difficulties faced in this job, and no matter how positive I want to stay about it, I end up coming to a wall again.

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I’ve been in this particular job for four years now, and it never gets much easier even with experience. So I’ve come to realize that I don’t want to work in this career field forever.

It’s also made me evaluate my life, and what I do want to do instead. I’ve thought about wanting more free time, to do simple things such as spend more time with my pet rabbits or my partner, or see my family more. I’d love to have the time to travel and see all kinds of places around the world, and I’d love to explore beyond my imagination.

I’d obviously love to have more money too, to be able to spend more time with my family and for the travel. Though I’m not one of those people that only chase money, I’d be lying if I said that money couldn’t help me achieve my dream.

So all these thoughts begs the question of when I should follow these thoughts? When exactly, when I’m coming up with my dream life, should I actually chase these ideals to make them real? And is it a realistic expectation to do all this?

Listen to Pain

When things are going well, and you’re feeling content, you might be more in tune with the world and what’s around you. But when things in life start taking a turn for the worse, can you start looking objectively at your life to pinpoint the issues? This can make you a lot more introspective as these problems within yourself goes round and round in circles. Your thoughts struggle to push you through because you’re desperately seeking a new way, a different way of doing things. Sometimes it longs for the past, or sometimes it just wants escape into a new era.

When you’re heart is calling out to you like this, listen. Listen hard at what it is that keeps troubling you and causing you to step back every time.

It’s only when you start to see the triggers that you can really begin to formulate the next step. Once you know what you don’t want, the next thing is to realize what you do want.

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This can be harder to figure out as you don’t really know until you try. But if you don’t step away from the troubles beforehand, you may never know trying new things at all.

So whatever it is you want to do, no matter what anyone else around you will or has said about it, you need to decide about yourself for yourself only.

Step into Your Future Today

When you’ve had a good think about what it is that you want instead, start to plan for that future that your want. What can you do to aid in getting to that kind of future? There are so many new possibilities in this world, and many ways that may be new to you. Maybe brave the world by being yourself, and give yourself that permission.

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I’ve personally started to look at a future where I might be able to earn some form of passive income. If I can work hard now to provide for myself in the next few years, it could pay off by giving me a little extra income. If I don’t have to work so much for this income, then I can slowly cut down on the job I no longer want and start focusing on that future instead. The more I put thought into my ideal future, the more I can do.

Don’t Let Other People Influence You

I think the biggest mistake that is often misleading in people’s lives is following the bandwagon. When you want to feel a part of something, it’s natural to agree with other people. When you’re dealing with emotions, feelings and things that are truly your own, this is the worst thing you can do.

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How do you expect to find real happiness if you’re following someone else’s lead? What is the likely outcome of this? You’ll be riding on the coat tails of some one else’s dream instead of your own, which will lead to disappointment. In life, I think no one can afford to waste their precious time on someone else’s dream. If you’ve got time, use it selfishly. This is the only time you’re allowed to do this. Without selfishness in finding your dream life, you will not be living the dream.

So listen to your own voice, hear that gut feeling the first time it twists in a stomach knot. Does the thought of a certain life bring pangs of pain, or hiccups of happiness? Let the first decisive feeling decide.

Trust Yourself

Now that you’re slowly coming to understand the kind of life your really want, this is the moment you need to trust yourself. Research into all the ways that you can achieve this new lifestyle. What does it really take?

The first thing is knowing your specialty. Spend the time to really look into the success story that surrounds those that have managed to get on the steps toward that lifestyle. Are there steps in there that you could easily assimilate into your life? Remember there are loads of ways to achieve the same kinds of outcomes.

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There’s always a way to get to the result of being self sustaining by starting from exactly where you are right now. And many people may or may not doubt the outcome you want. But they might not even understand the thing in life you want either. So they won’t be well equipped to convince you out of it.

This is where their knowledge of you will come in. They will attempt to bring you to their side for fear that if things go wrong, they must take equal responsibility of the negative consequences. This is the most important time to trust in yourself and trust in your process. Plan ways to can get there, ways to cope with the potential failures that will come at first. Because the more you get started and experience your new interests, the more you’ll come to understand it.

When Only You Know

The single most important person here who understands your needs is you. The only person who knows what you must do and what you really want is you. Even the one who is right about your own self chosen future is yourself. No one can get in the way when you let your soul decide what you love in life.

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As long as your choices don’t impact on other people unfairly, such as forcing them to live your dream only, or involving them forcibly when things go wrong. These are the things you’ve got to be prepared to be accountable for when the going gets tough.

The most important thing to remember; don’t forget to stand back up again if you find you’ve fallen.

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