Polished and Chic in 5 Minutes?

We are currently living in a world where everyday is just so busy. It’s just go go go, and there’s no time to spend hours on prepping your appearance for work when you spend long hours in the workplace. For myself I usually spend a big portion of my day working, and then the next biggest part of my day is sleeping. After that, if I’m lucky, I get to eat and have a few hours of leisure time.

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This is the reality at the moment for most of us who need to sustain and grow our life and careers at a younger age while being independent. So do our looks have to go out the window for this lifestyle? Absolutely not! And I’m going to tell you how you can keep it in check every single day.

Iron the Night Before

So whether I’m preparing my work clothes for 5 in the morning the next day, or an outfit for a relaxed day out, I always iron or steam my clothes the night before. If I don’t do this, then I limit the amount of time that I have to get ready the next morning.

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This means getting up an extra 15 minutes early to potentially make sure my work clothes are ready and smart, and I don’t look like I’ve walked straight out of bed. Just something as simple as this means I save myself time in the morning, and I’ve spent 0 minutes after I’ve woken up to sort this out. Simple.

Brush Your Hair

Now if you’ve bothered to sort out your hair the night before, this will make such a big difference. When you wake up, all you’ll need to do is give it a quick brush to put it into a ponytail (if you have long hair like me and need it out the way!). Once again, this will only take about 20 seconds in the morning to do.

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And of course it’s a no brainer why you should brush your hair – everyone will likely look at your face when they speak to you throughout the day, and a mess hair will signify a bit of a messy lifestyle. So keep that hair in check, and keep your life looking in check!

Perfect Your Make Up Routine

For us girls, this one can sometimes take a while. Everyday, when you’re reapplying your make up, you never quite know if it’s going to go well when you’re putting it on.

My eyeliner can be the worst for this, but the more I do this everyday, the better I get at applying it in under a minute.

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If you’re also a fan of using foundation, find a way that helps optimize this routine. Although I’m not currently using it because of wearing a face mask at work, I find that when I do use it, a damp round make up sponge has the most flawless finish. Simply run it under warm water and dab some liquid foundation in it a I can apply it quite easily in a minute or two.

It’s all about practice is all I am saying! This will speed up you morning routine and allow you to look your best!


Okay so this is technically still in the make up department, but you know what, it deserves its own section. If you can’t wear lipstick at work, then disregard it, or wear a flattering neutral shade.

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I find that some lip balms like the Nivea Soft Rose one gives your lips a very subtle pink tint, so technically, you’re not breaking any rules.

But colored lips can really flatter an overall look, and appear like you put more effort in than you actually did.


I’m not saying that you need to go ahead and get a full manicure as soon as you wake up – that would be pretty hard anyway when getting up is a chore. But just something as simple as making sure your nails are even and clean are enough to make you look well prepared for the day.

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Clean finger nails gives off a good impression to everyone you meet. It will be a good first impression of care and hygiene, and make people look more favorably on you.

Although it isn’t always a sign of poor hygiene or health, it can be a little off putting if you have to shake hands with someone who looks as if they haven’t washed their fingers in a while.


Before you head out for the rest of the day, just take a second look and make sure you’ve got nothing in your teeth. Even something as simple as brushing your teeth after your breakfast can make all the difference.

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Just ensure you haven’t left yourself with lipstick stains either – I know this is a thing of movies, but I’ve seen people that have forgotten, and although there’s nothing really wrong with it, it does draw all the attention for no reason apart from standing out. A nice smile can really make your day go better somewhere!

So before you leave your home, or before you wake up for the day, just think about the little things you can do to have fun with your appearance. Of course, don’t take yourself seriously, and do what you want to do to achieve a look you enjoy!

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