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So today I want to talk about the way that you spend your spare time. Whether that’s outside of the workplace, away from family and housework, or even just away from the normal everyday home life, sometimes you just need some moments out of the ordinary same old that you’re used to.

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Something that I think a lot of people think more about nowadays, and definitely want to do more of in our daily lives is travelling. It’s not always possible to explore on a bigger scale, especially at this moment as we speak in 2020. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t always explore locally too.

Anyway, when it comes to having a little day out by yourself or with someone special, these are a few things I think that it’s good to consider.

Take Mini Local Adventures

Now I love seeing new places as often as possible. Once I’ve exhausted all the local sights that I can see, I’m usually a bit lost for ideas.

If you have one or two days off in a row, why not try exploring the next few towns around your local area? For myself, I know I’ve visited about four towns including the one that I live in countless times now. Though I hold a special place in my heart for some of the woodlands and local landmarks, I find myself wanting a fresh view.

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So recently I looked to a town east of where I live. Since I live in England, this town that I’d never visited much was a place called Lewes. What is good is that this town is within reach of me from a local train station, so planning my route was easy.

At first I knew I wanted to explore the town. It has a lovely historic feel to the town, with cobble stones, shorter old fashioned buildings, and many views of the South Downs national parks all around. It is a truly beautiful little town in England.

So after enjoying the town for a few hours, I headed to the train station to go home. When I got there, the next train was due in 40 minutes. I didn’t want to sit about for that time, so I got maps out on my phone and looked for the nearest park. I walked and headed to a place called Priory Park, not really knowing what it was.

When I got there, there was a small path to a football training ground. I wasn’t sure about it but kept walking. Then I saw another path to a separate field, so I walked to it. And that’s when I saw the most beautiful new place I’d never been to.

Even though it was lightly raining, it was a field with hills, and old medieval ruins of a cathedral. Though a lot of it hadn’t survived, the few that did was fascinating to look at.

I ended up spending another hour in this park, because it was so peaceful and beautiful. I’m a bit of a fan of history sometimes, so when it was ruins that were 1000 years old, it just felt like a magical place to explore.

My point is that you might have a lot of local places around you that might actually be really fascinating to see, but you’ve never looked for it before. As for finding these, it leads me to the next point.

Don’t Over-Plan It

When you’re trying to make the most of time off, sometimes it can be tempting to make a plan for it just to make sure that everything goes the way you want it. The same goes for vacations abroad in my opinion too. But truth is I think over-planning it is a thing, and it might ruin your break.

If you’ve constructed a well thought out plan of what exactly you’re going to do, where it’s going to be and when it is, it will feel safe but a little uninteresting. You might end up feeling bored because you know exactly what to expect, which is taking the fun out of it.

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So maybe try to pick the activities closer to the time, depending on what you’re feeling like, or make it so you have leeway in terms on when you can do this. That way you give yourself a bit more freedom with the activity, and you feel as if you’re in control of your break.

You could even make things even more spontaneous by planning as you go. Again this could be a scary idea for those that love planning, but you could plan to stay in a different town on vacation every 2 or 3 nights. This can be truly thrilling if you love to go with the flow, or even surprise you if you’re not that kind of person normally.

I remember a year ago when I travelled in Thailand with my partner. we went up to Chiang Mai a day earlier than planned, and booked an airbnb the same day, all spontaneously. It was a very beautiful family home with a large room to rent, and we had some of the best memories in that town.

Enjoy the Moment

Isn’t it always the way, when a day or week off for vacation ends, it feels like it was too short? I’m sure we’ve all said that once that time is over, and we just miss the feeling of being away in another world.

But remember, that if you’re currently in that place right now where you’re still on a break, enjoy it while you can. Don’t think about the fact that it ends in however many day, don’t think that you’ve got to go home in this period of time. Just stop, look all around you, and truly treasure what it is that you’re in right now.

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Yes it may not be lasting forever, but the fact is that you’re in this moment right now. You’re here, you’re enjoy an amazing place that you want to be in, so really soak it all in. The beauty in the weather, the beauty of the landscape, the beauty of nature that just exists. This is the best gift of all, being allowed to enjoy any place in the world.

3 thoughts on “Explore Spontaneously…

  1. After working for two years and that ending suddenly, I’m very much considering making new travel a focus whilst the work avenues are so mixed up. There’s that balance though of setting time aside for new adventures and trying not to feel guilty as the world feels as though it is tailored to always being in that secure work situation.

  2. Yeah that’s very true, I agree that the world seems to favor the stable workplace. But I think the future of jobs and careers will hopefully shift to be more open, either online or abroad, and a lot of it is just taking the risk. Opportunities will definitely come around soon again!

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