Better Than Ironing Your Clothes?

Looking after your clothes should be a priority when maintaining its appearance. There are many ways to look after your clothes effectively, starting from making sure they smell fresh, washing them often to keep them clean and hygienic, allowing them to rest so they don’t wear out too quickly, and keeping them crease-free by ironing them.

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This traditional method of keeping your clothes looking crisp and wrinkle free has been used for decades. It’s reliable in making sure that your clothes go from zero to hero, from looking rough and worn to lovely and smart. And this can apply to anything piece of clothing that you own.

But since ironing your clothes requires direct contact of the hot metal plates to your clothes fabrics, this can be a problem for some materials, particularly the delicate ones such a silk, wool or cashmere. In fact, just to be safe, you’d be better off avoiding the iron treatment for these fabrics.

There are some alternative ways of keeping your clothes looking flawlessly straight and looking well ironed without actually ironing it. These methods are a lot less aggressive on your clothes, especially those items that you care about the most. Even though the methods that will be mentioned work best on those delicate pieces, they may actually really benefit any other clothing materials you own. Most of these methods are less destructive on your clothes and may even help maintain the lifespan of your precious pieces.

Don’t Tumble Dry

The first method is more like advice than it is an alternative. There are a few good reasons that tumble drying isn’t necessarily good for your clothes.

Firstly, it uses up a lot of energy. We all know that energy is a precious resource that needs to be conserved where and when possible. If it is used too heavily on unnecessary processes, then it is being wasted. So where possible, conserve some energy.

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And secondly, it often uses higher temperatures in order to dry off your clothing quicker. It may be a great thing to dry your clothes quicker than it naturally would, but heat can do many things to damage your garments. It could completely ruin the fabric, such as with delicate silks. Or it could cause major shrinkage, where your clothes come out a lot smaller than they were to begin with. Fabrics such as wool, cashmere, and even cotton in some cases are prone to this.

So before you think about investing in a tumble dryer for the sake of things, have a think about it first.

Air Dry It

The idea of letting nature deal with your wet clothes is brilliant. Nature can be so helpful, since it provides us with many things for free already. Out in the sunshine, the sun beams and its warmth are enough to be able to kill bacteria on the surface of your clothes.

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Your clothes can also be hung up in such a way that it is already kept in a straight position. Being hung up means that its already put in the right position that it can dry in, so when its put up on a line, it will stay in that shape even after it dries.

Lie It Flat

This one is good for either drying heavier, more soaked pieces that need an absorb-er such as a towel underneath it, or for anything that may need to be stretched out a little more, in order to accommodate a certain amount of volume.

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Often if a garment has been shrunk in size by accident before, then soaking the piece and lying it flat out and lightly stretched can help it to slowly return to its normal shape. There’s never an absolute guarantee on how it will work, but like hanging it to air dry, it will eventually dry in a nice, flat and smooth form.


Now I have left the best till last, and my favorite out of them all. Although I’m a big fan of air drying my clothes naturally into a perfected look, I do enjoy using my easiest quick fix of all.

The steamer is a beautiful design that has the ability to keep your clothes prim and prime, without the need to be harsh like when you’re using an iron. It is usually a fairly small machine that produces hot steam from a small water supply, and when this is applied to your clothes from a small distance, it straightens out any wrinkles in your clothes. As a result, you get beautiful and straight clothes in a matter of seconds.

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This is also an amazing little device that can do something else to your clothes. Yes, it has the ability to straighten out some lovely pieces of clothes. But the steam is also a great way to kill some bacteria on your clothes, as the steam’s very hot temperature is able to do so.

So all in all the steamer is a great little machine that can do many things for your clothes. It can clean it to some extent, it can straighten it, it can also prevent further damage to the textile fibers but using this hot steam instead of sudden applied pressure of a hot metal plate.

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