Why You Should Own A Clothes Steamer?

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For the past 6 months, I’ve been pretty obsessed with my little steaming device. I bought a small brand one which was only £15, but since I’ve got it I’ve been using it a lot on all of my clothes. It’s brilliant for so many reasons, especially for the price that I bought it at.

I haven’t yet invested in one that costs too much, but maybe one day when this one breaks down, then I will consider it. But for now, I am enjoying using this a lot since it does the trick. So here it goes.

Easy to Use

This first point will make it so appealing to use, no matter who you are. No one likes complicated technology all that much, and a clothes steamer is definitely not that. The only thing you need to do to get it to work is to put water into the attached container, so it has water to use as steam, and the plug it in and use it. It really is that simple!

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Now most brands may have a slightly different way of starting up. But for most, it’s just switching on the plug and pressing and holding a button to make the steam come out. Make sure that you hang up the garments that you intend to steam so they can be kept straight. This is optimal for clothes steaming practices as it also lets the water vapor go straight through the clothing.

But be careful not to let the steam come in close contact with your skin or face, because it is very very hot! I find the most difficult part is keeping my hands away from it, since I need to hold my clothes out flat when it’s hung up to steam it properly. Other than that, it’s pretty safe and easy to use.

Great for Delicates

You may have a lot of precious clothing like I do that are made of more specialized materials, such as silk and delicate viscose for instance. It can be very hard to look after them unless to take care to perform special practices on them, such as laying them flat to dry.

Though this can help keep them straight as well, it doesn’t actually stop them from wrinkling up again. And ideally, you also want to avoid soaking these finer fabrics in water again and again just to de-crease them.

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This is where the clothes steamer comes to the rescue. The great thing about it is that it’s a lot less likely to cause any damage to these delicate clothes, because the steam is not such an aggressive force to the fabric. The steam is inoffensive, and you can put the steamer far from it so it doesn’t touch at all. So you can flatten your silks without causing it harm.

It Kills Bacteria

Another great thing about steaming your clothes is the fact that you’re applying a high temperature to your clothes. The steam, although it may not look it, is in fact so hot that it can definitely kill the vast majority of bacteria in your clothes. This is great once again for those delicate silks that you wouldn’t necessarily want to keep putting in the wash to keep it clean.

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In fact, apart from a cold hand washing, you’d want to avoid washing something like silks too much. So this could be another really good way of cleaning your garments well a lot less effort.

Less Likely to Burn Your Clothes

So ironing your clothes is a solid and well trusted way of making your clothes look nice and crisp. But it’s one of those things that you have to keep using to make the most of it.

Have you ever had the issue where you’ve left your iron on for a second, to move you clothes on the ironing board, or on the fabric by accident, and the next thing you know, you’ve burnt it? I’ve done this a few times, and its the worst feeling in the world.

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What’s even worse about using an iron is that if it’s still hot after use and it comes into contact with plastic, it will melt onto the plate. Now from my experience, of also doing this, cleaning plastic off an iron isn’t very easy at all. And whatever gets stuck on there will transfer to your fabrics if you’re not careful. At least with the steamer, you can avoid all these issues!

Makes Your Clothes Last Longer

With all of these points put together, what you get is a device that can really lengthen the lifespan of your clothes and take real great care of them. That’s what we all want, and no matter if it’s your stronger pieces of clothes, or those delicates, the clothes steamer really is a one for all kind of machine.

It’s ability to be less harsh than say ironing for instance is one of the reasons I like to use it more. If I want a full on crease free experience, I’d still opt for my clothes iron. But I usually stick to using it on my pure cotton pieces as it works best for them.

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But the steamer just means that I don’t have to go and get an ironing board out to freshen up my clothes because you can just put it on a hanger anywhere at all and just start steaming.

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