Can I Be More Eco With My Lint Roller?

As a pet owner, you’re going to be familiar with getting a lot of lint on your clothes. Your best friend is most likely to be your lint roller, that trusty roll of sticky back paper than turns your fluff covered clothes to a clean sheet.

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You’ll get a lot out of it for de-fluffing your work clothing. I have to do this everyday if I come into contact with my pets while wearing my work uniform. This is also very necessary for your dark clothes, which highlights pet hair even more. And lastly, for your smart or dressed up occasion wear, where even the sight of lint can prevent your outfit from shining.

So the lint roller gets a lot of use for sure on a daily basis, and it’s a great tool. However, after a while, you’re going find that the resources for it are finite. So these are some of the issues I’m coming across with my lint roller refills.


Refills are generally very cheap to buy. In the short term, I wouldn’t say that they’re not affordable as they definitely are. What you’ll find is how much you’re spending on them over time. If you think about it, you could spend £2 on a basic roller that will last you about 2 weeks. That’s not a bad deal, and it’s not emptying your pocket.

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But if you’re buying a lint roller for every two weeks of the year, the total you’d end up spending on it would be around £52, which is very interesting. Or as a couple, probably around £104.

Now this part might not concern you enough to think why you should stop using them, but there are more things that make sticky back paper less enticing.


How many lint rollers have you bought, and then kept the handle to reuse? I would say not many. I had a lint roller for a few months that came with new rolls. After they were used up, you’d have to buy a new lint roller with a new handle.

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The problem with this is that firstly, once the sticky paper is used, then it’s no longer needed, and must be thrown away. The second is that when you’ve run out of rolls to change, you throw away the handles. This is such a waste, since they’re perfectly reusable if the refills could be sought after more easily.

Not Eco Friendly

Since all of the lint roller itself loses its usefulness after its used up, there is no option but to throw it away once it’s done with. This is very wasteful and not very good for the environment either.

The handles on these rollers are often made of a plastic material. Plastics going into landfill are a massive problem that takes decades to decompose and release harmful chemicals into nature. The glue and plastics contained in the sticky paper itself also poses a risk, and is something that needs to be considered carefully.

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So even though you think ‘so what, I’m only spending £4 a month on this’, just think about the amount of waste you are producing in that time, over the course of the year. The impact of this on the environment is far greater than the impact in your pockets.

Can I Get Eco Friendly Lint Removers?

So recently, I saw an advert for an item that claimed to be able to removed lint and it was reusable. It was a plastic brush with soft bristles, and it could remove even the finest hairs. It came with a container that you could slide your brush in and out of, and the lint would be gone. Brilliant, right?

Even though I was skeptical, I ordered it anyway. It was only £10, so why not? I ordered it off Amazon and once it arrived, I was eager to give it a try.

I didn’t want to keep ordering lint rollers all the time, not just for me but for my partner too. We both use it a lot so I thought it was time for us to get something less wasteful.

When I tried the reusable lint remover, I found I was surprised. It wasn’t some strange trick, but actually kind of a good and useful invention. It worked pretty well in removing pet hairs from my clothes, especially my darker pieces for work.

I wouldn’t say it was absolutely perfect, but it did take the vast majority of fluff off me, around 98%. It also collected the lint in the container that you slide your brush into, and when it’s full, you simply empty it from the bottom.

The construction of the product is pretty cheap, and it is made of plastic which might put some people off. But all in all, it’s a product that has lasted me 7 months with no problems whatsoever, and we will continue to use it into the future.

This simple yet clever invention has hit two birds with one stone. It has made us less wasteful in the lint department, we have thrown away less plastic and paper since using this brush, and we have saved our money not buying a new one all the time. Its a win-win in this situation.

If you’re interested in what I used, here it is.

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