Summer to Fall: Ideas Guide

We are now beginning to say goodbye to the summer weather here in the northern hemisphere. In this in-between stage, we are still experiencing moments of warmth, but a lot of wet and gloomy weather as well. Because of this, it can be kind of difficult figuring out how to prepare for this time.

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Fortunately, there are many ways to can work this out and fall somewhere in between the two without falling away from suitable trends. So what can we do?

Long Sleeved Blouses

It’s important to be prepared for whatever the weather throws at you. With a long sleeved top, you can protect yourself from the slightly cooler nights that occur earlier in the day.

Make sure that these tops are thin though, or else you will be boiling hot throughout the day time when temperatures are still kind of warm.

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I have had this gorgeous broderie anglaise white cotton top for a few years now which is perfect for the transition period. It’s summery enough that even with the sleeves rolled up, it feels cool, but warm enough during evenings out.

Full Length Pants

It’s important to keep any areas on you balanced in temperature. What ever the weather, long pants always goes a long way.

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Even a nice thin pair of cotton pants is enough to keep me cool, or to even warm me up depending on how the September weather adjusts itself. So when you’re wearing pieces like this, you don’t even have to thinking about changing your clothes to suit the weather.

Fall Colors in Summer Styles

What do I mean by this? This is when you use those lovely warm chocolatey brown or golden tones that work best in fall clothing, and wear it on something summery. For example, a tan colored tank top would work, because the tank style is summery, and the tan color belongs in fall.

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Or you could wear a chocolate brown knee-length skirt with that tan top. This means that you’re never out of place because you’re sticking to traditional fall trends, while wearing something more appropriate for the slightly warmer weather too!

Or Summer Colors in Fall Styles

So maybe do the exact opposite of the last point, and wear those light pastel colors into the beginning of September. It might still technically be kind of summery at times, but if you feel the chill more easily, then wear that baby blue knit top with your white jeans!

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There’s no reason why you can’t still look light and bright even when summer is slowly fading away! We need to enjoy it for the most part while staying comfortably warm whenever it’s necessary.

Summery Tartan

Why would anyone want to combine a fall pattern into a summer outfit? Or why wouldn’t you? This classic pattern piece is a great way to put your foot in the door of fall.

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You could even go for light pastel colors, such as a baby pink tartan summer dress. It’s a great way to slowly ease yourself into the season change, which will come pretty suddenly if you don’t adjust now.

Thin Merino Knits

Merino wool is a great and versatile fabric that can be worn practically any time of year. And it’s no exception in this transition period.

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Thinner merino knits work so well because they are light enough that you aren’t going to get too hot (you can just take them off and carry it easily anyway).

You could even wear it as a thermal layer under something more summery. That way, you keep the spirit of summer while staying warm on the inside.

No matter how you intend to work your style this fall, remember you can adjust slowly and hold on to the last pieces of summer without feeling out of place!

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