You Should Be A Failure

This is not exactly what you think it might mean.

When most people hear the word ‘failure’ you think of a few things; it’s negative, it’s bad, you should avoid this. It’s true that ‘failing’ at something feels awful when you go through it, and no one wants to be in the failure seat, but is it really so?

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I think the real meaning of failure is something much more different. And we need to clear up the definition of the word and its connotations before we throw hate at this word.

What’s A Failure?

In simple terms, a failure is someone who doesn’t succeed at something. It doesn’t sound very good does it? No one wants to be the person that can’t make something work, and never gets to the end result that they want. It would feel as if you were getting nowhere in your life.

But what if you are someone that keeps failing at the same thing? Say you try something, it fails, then you adapt it and try again and again? If this is what you’re doing, then the initial word ‘failure’ needs to be adapted too.

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A bad failure in my opinion tries something, and when it doesn’t work out, they give it up entirely, even if it’s something they want to achieve. They never persist and more often they never even start a project to begin with.

But the action of failing more than once can be a very good thing. And here’s why.

Failure Teaches Lessons

If you’re reviewing what things went wrong, and try things a new way again, until eventually it gets to a successful result, then failing is a great way of making lessons for yourself.

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If you choose to, these failures are definitely positives. Think about it. First of all, you see the areas you need to improve on, and you can work on that to make the next effort even better. When you recognize your weaknesses, you can work on them and go from strength to strength as you accomplish this.

Failure Makes Success

Secondly, and most importantly, I think this one counts for more. It shows that you actually gave something a go, you went for it and you tried it. Whatever the outcome, that to me is not failure at all. It’s a sign of a pathway to success if you ask me.

Because who ever did nothing and ever succeeded? And has anyone succeeded without failing anything ever? No! It goes hand in hand with getting to where you want to be in life.

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So don’t let failure phase you at all. If you’re gonna get back up and start again, then the fear of failure can just go straight out the window. You’ll have nothing to worry about because persisting with something with true passion will eventually get you where you want to be.

Go out there, and fail hundreds of things if you have to! Because you’ll still live for another promising day.

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