Why You Should Like You

It’s only taken me a quarter of a century to finally feel kind of satisfied with myself. I’ve understood the feeling of battling myself and having moments of doubt about my likability. It doesn’t mean that I don’t encounter it anymore, I’ve just found less reasons to turn to those thoughts these days.

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And to be honest a big part of this is ignoring how you think other people perceive you. People pleasing is one of the big risks in your judgment of yourself. It will either stop you from being honest about your passions because it might seem embarrassing, or you’ll do something else to look cool. Either way it can be for someone other than yourself, which can be detrimental if you do things too much that you don’t really like anyway.

Why should you celebrate all the things that make you, well you?

You’re Unique

Who else is like you? You may come across people who are similar in many respects, who share the same tastes and interests as you. But you will never, at all find another you.

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It’s just an impossibility in the world that anyone else can be a carbon copy of you. Even twins will have something distinguishing to make them slightly different in thought or appearance.

But you know what? It’s better to be different, because it makes the world the interesting place that it is today!

It’s Easier to Relax

When everything that you do is authentic and what you actually believe, you won’t be putting too much negative pressure on yourself. Because it is the real you with no flakes, it will flow like it was meant to be.

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You will find it easier to speak your mind because it will be an honest depiction of what you actually think about.

And since you will be pretty honest about your personality for the most part, you’ll never have to worry about hiding any major truths about your real personality. They’ll be no need to fear being found out at all!

No Need to Pretend

And talking of hiding truths, you won’t need to pretend that you’re something or someone else, just because you covered it up or lied about it.

Think about how much extra energy it will take to keep up these appearances. The energy you waste on being a different person will start to drain you from the inside. Your mental energy will start exhausting itself until you feel to tired to face up this facade, and one day you may even slip up and forget to keep the act going.

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And when you aren’t being honest, people will start to see this. They will recognize that you aren’t telling the truth and will find it harder to trust you than before.


Talking of being yourself, you know what this shows – bravery!

It demonstrates the amount of support you’re putting toward yourself. If you saw one of your friends getting laughed at for their beliefs, and you really cared about them, you’d definitely step in and defend them, right?

If you would do that for a friend, then why not for yourself?

Or better yet, you don’t even have to fight. Just defend who you are and keep being you without hearing what other people are saying.

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Because the people that continue to be themselves, even when everyone around them might be judgmental, show a very positive character trait that rates high above others. It’s brave to show even a vulnerable side to yourself, such as a passion for subject matter that no one thinks is cool. It shows bravery to stand up for the things that you like and love, and it shows the most bravery to stand up for yourself.

It Will Make You Happier

There is nothing truly better than being real and genuine. When you are the most authentic version of yourself, you know that people are seeing the real you. There is no facade, no lies and no big show, just you.

And when people really get to know you, it means they know the real you quicker. Both you and them can decide pretty quickly whether you are the right match in life by how you interact, and honesty plays a very key role in making you choose the best person form a friendship with, and avoid the hurt by instantly recognizing the bad.

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When your judgments are based on truths and reality, there is less room for hurt and betrayal. You’re more likely to move on from it quicker as it doesn’t linger for too long.

But most importantly, if you like yourself more, you will project that, and you will find all the things, people and places that match your likes. And the key to happiness is chasing the things that you want to have, and want to be. These will truly fulfill everything that your soul wants.

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