The Power of Positives

Going about your daily life requires some level of motivation. You need it to get to the places you need to be, and basically to live and survive. Keeping your mental health in check is also crucial in the process, and a healthy state of mind can really help you in the long run.

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But when you encounter sticky situations, you can choose to respond in two different ways. You could react by giving up, taking bad news with a heavy heart, and running from these issues. You could be very negative about everything, or you could respond very differently.

You could choose to take things in your stride. And that’s how the power of positivity can be your guide.

Trust in Your Ability

The first thing that can stop you from pressing forward in your pursuit of your dreams is the lack of trust in yourself. You may be thinking how impossible it is for you to achieve something, and it can’t be possible because you can’t see how it will work,

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But self doubt can be the biggest killer of your ability to achieve anything. With out the faith of yourself to continue on, you’ll give up in the face of adversity. Win, lose or draw, you need to be the one to see that you can do this no matter what. If you are the biggest supporter of your own work, then nothing can stop you.

So the more you push through and tell yourself how capable you are of everything in front of you, then in a matter of time, you will see the results blossom for you.

Go With the Flow

So life is full of curve balls that will constantly be thrown at you, and always when you’re least expecting it. Some people will hate anything to do with the unexpected – and to be honest most people don’t like this. When you’re faced with the unplanned, everyone feels ambushed to do something about it immediately and provide a clever solution.

The pressure to keep things in line with a plan means that anything that falls out of that will throw you off too. And no one likes to look as if they have no clue what they are doing.

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When things just suddenly happen out of the blue, you shouldn’t pressure yourself just because it’s a situation you didn’t plan for. The more you let it stress you out, the more likely you are to make mistakes, and you will be trapped in a cycle of stress and mistakes.

So what should you do instead? Well you should agree to go with the flow. Sure, make a very vague plan of what your aims are. Plan who will do what, but don’t plan anything too hard to the tee, because what will happen is you’ll start to panic and confuse yourself, and even feel disappointed when it doesn’t go exactly as planned.

If you learn to take the mishaps in your stride, and learn to make your decisions as the events happen, you’ll feel better for being able to handle tough situations in the moment. Because truth is, the things that you don’t want to happen will just happen when you haven’t asked for it. And the more you walk into situations like that and accept that it is what it is, the easier it will be to deal with it. So don’t take the unexpected as a negative, use them to your advantage.

Make Lemonade

Yes, you’ve heard the saying. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. And that’s very true.

If you are given a situation in your life, then find ways to make the most out of it. And the best way is to be positive and see all the opportunities. No matter what the situation is, when, where or why, look to all the things you can do with it.

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Can you gain some valuable experience from something you didn’t think you’d get to do? Can someone’s offer be the chance get you on your way to your dreams?

Maybe the resources you have around you can already be put to good use to promote the kind of good you want to share with the world. Whatever it is, you have the ability to make an infinite amount of things possible, because nothing is out of your reach.

Positivity attracts Positivity

You can decide how you bounce back to anything in your life. But your actions will also influence the kinds of people that naturally gravitate toward you.

If you’re finding things tough and you decide to complain constantly about it, chances are the people who will listen are the kinds of people who are also prone to complaining. And if you decide that blaming other people or complaining to others about their mistakes helps, you will find an equally negative crowd to lend their ears, or better yet, do the same back to you.

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But if you learn to find ways of changing your attitude toward this kind of behavior, particularly in how you treat other people, then things will be different. Positivity, and treating people in positive ways will encourage a healthier environment around you. The kinds of people that will gravitate toward you are more likely to be nicer and more generous people that will be willing to help you when you’re in need. And I would rather have that, because you never really know when you’re going to need someone’s help.

Remember, though the world might seem like a dark and difficult place to navigate at times, it can never hurt to empower yourself with positive thoughts. But most importantly, be positive about yourself first. If you can make that a rule, you can find many ways to shine a light in the dark for everyone else around you too.

4 thoughts on “The Power of Positives

  1. Happy to find someone with similar thought. With time I cannot plan or control everything in life. There are so many unforeseen. Too much planning is stressful and when things does not goes according to plan it is frustrating. Nowadays I take life as it comes, do not overthink.

  2. I’m not a fan of positive, but I am a fan of hopeful. There is a time for grief, when my grandmother died, I could have been positive about it, but I wasn’t, I spent the first four days eating very little and first four weeks grieving in my own way, I didn’t pressure myself to feel positive at all. My father was always smiling, what ever grief he had it was deep inside, but he hasn’t processed the event that happened in 2006 and I have long ago. Happiness is let’s say one tool in a tool box of humanity, one color in a color pallet. Anger in a healthy way has a place, sadness and calm as well, together they form a healthy mind. I’m an optimist, to me if there is life there is hope, yet when something hurts pretending to be happy can make everything worse before it gets better. Being able to complain about your true pain in the right time forms an intimacy that never discussing that side of life would not develop. Negativity and positivity are like the left and right hands, they both serve a purpose and they create one another. If someone was hurting my child, I wouldn’t have to find a positive side to it before stepping in, the negative side of life makes it clear where boundaries are needed, lacking or poorly defended and when I discovered that I found more authentic joy than any attempt at spinning the world to be more positive. Yet there is always a bright side and silver lining if you look, I’m just saying there doesn’t need to be a reason to turn away from the dark side and the facts on a normal basis (perhaps sometimes it is too much). Agree to disagree that positivity is better than hope and objectivity. 🎨

    1. Absolutely, I can see where you’re coming from. It’s true that not every situation can be treated with a positive attitude, and sometimes we just need to be allowed to be our authentic self. And yes, without truly experiencing the negatives, you won’t always appreciate the positives, and even what those experiences are to people is subjective.
      Sometimes I watch certain people around me who are totally consumed by everything single thing in life being a negative, and they may well have a good reason for it, but it can draw everyone else in and bring the room down too.
      However, I wouldn’t never try to say that I’m perfect and am never negative at times, as I know I am too.
      Thank you for your viewpoint, its very interesting to read!

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