Cashmere – My Ultimate Fall/Winter Choice

Here in the UK we are slowly but surely approaching the true start of fall and winter time, which means it’s time to start getting your coats and knits out. And I feel like this is the most appropriate time to talk about my absolute obsession during these colder months.

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You’ve guessed it – cashmere is my overall favorite material to wear over the dropping temperatures, and there’s so many reasons why it’s literally the best choice of fabric to wear, even above extra fine merino wool!

Best for Keeping You Warm

You thought that merino wool had the advantage of being such a great insulator due to its properties as a natural fiber. Temperature regulation makes merino wool brilliant to wear and minimally discomforting, but cashmere is just another level.

Where merino wool has the ability to insulate you in colder weather, cashmere is even better at this. It can be up to eight times more effective at keeping you warm which is a massive jump in difference! Imagine how toasty you can be with cashmere if merino knits already work wonders!

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I love this the most about cashmere as I am a fairly petite girl and at 5 feet tall, I need all the warmth I can gather from my clothes. With cashmere, I can do this with a lot less, which is great.

Little Goes a Long Way

The big difference of how much more effective cashmere is to wool for example means this – that less of it will be just as effective!

I will be honest with you – all of my cashmere pieces aren’t very thick at all. I’d say they are about 1/2 a centimeter thick at the very most, and this is more than plenty to keep me warm alone. This is because they have higher loft – this means that they hold more air within the fibers per section of material. This ability is the crucial factor that contributes to its fantastic insulating properties, and why its so popular among those who love it most.

When your pieces lack the bulkiness that most other knits have, then you can be more mobile without the restriction of your clothes getting in the way. It provides a chic look during the winter, when all you want to do is wear layers and layers of fabric (which is inconvenient) until you feel lovely and warm.

It’s So Soft

My second favorite thing about cashmere is the texture. Once you’ve grown familiar and accustomed to cashmere, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

The fineness of the fibers make it feel so soft and luxurious to the touch, which is why its one of the most sought after fibers in the world. It comes from the under coats of one of the softest goats in the world – the goats of the Gobi Desert. These can only be yielded during one season every year, so the supply is limited, making the price tag go up massively for it. This is the only downside of this material.

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If you’re willing to search thrift stores, you can get the perfect bargain for pre-loved cashmere. Believe it or not, people still donate this luxury fabric, so you can get the balance of quality and affordability. All of my pieces are thrifted, and they are the best winter staples in my wardrobe.

It Gets Better with Age

As we like to say with all good things, it get better with age. With cashmere, it truly does become more lovely and luxurious. The main improvement is the softness of your cashmere knits.

With more wears and usage, cashmere fibers will come loose within the knit, and on the surface you’ll get this little fuzzy layer of fur that sits there. It can be the main cause of those bobbles that you see the more you wear it, which is very normal, but it improves the soft feeling.

It’s the most defining feature that gives cashmere the most recognition.

Personally, I’m very glad that I discovered the existence of cashmere. Without it, life would not be the same. I love what a small amount of fabric can do in such large quantities, and it really highlights the level of quality you get out of it.

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