Eyelash Curler for Asian Eyes

If you’re fortunate to be of South East Asian descent like me, then you might have inherited the stubbornly straight eyelashes. While I watched my sister’s naturally curled eyelashes with envy, I knew mine would take more work, and mascara was going to be a lot of hassle.

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Today I still find mascara unbearable, so if you have any good suggestions please let me know! I avoid mascara because no matter what it says about extending and curling lashes, it’s just too heavy for mine.

So sticking to eyelash curlers, my first experience was with a basic drugstore one from here in the UK. Though I always had issues with this too, and found they either couldn’t reach my tiny lashes, or they caught on my eyelids (my eyelids are somewhere in between the mono and double lid). So I gave up on my lashes for years.

At some point, I started researching the Asian beauty market for something more suitable. I came across one from a Japanese brand called Shiseido. Among other beauty products, they sell eyelash curlers that had been rated for its suitability to more ‘Asian eyes’ so to speak. I was willing to try something that might actually work, so I ordered it. (See it here.)

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When it finally arrived, it was very exciting. The packaging was covered in Japanese text as you’d expect, but don’t let that put you off. Its a beautiful and quality piece of kit that’s made very well. I have had mine for over 6 years now, and it still works perfectly.

As you can imagine, it worked wonders! It has the ability to reach the majority of my eyelashes, which is all I can ask for. In order to give my lashes a nice curl, I have to start at the base of the lashes and clamp them down and along.

These curlers also come with curling pads that need to be replaced after its had plenty of use. They’re relatively inexpensive to order repeatedly, however I’m guilty of using the same one for a while as it’s still pretty effective. It’s important to maintain the effectiveness of the curler though by replacing this, or you could actually risk damaging your eyelashes slightly.

Saying that thought, excessive lash curling can be detrimental to your eyes. Though I love this curler because its been the only effective on for my eyes, there’s nothing wrong with your natural straight lashes! Remember to have pride in them and let them be.

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