Why Bravery Is Key as a Woman

When I talk about the definition of bravery, what do I mean? Yes, some physical tasks like climbing heights and facing spiders might be considered brave (which I’m not great with!), but I think bravery comes in many forms.

Brave to Choose Your Appearance

It’s still a funny world, where women’s appearance still get called out. This doesn’t make sense, since we all know that there are more sides to anyone than their personal style. It’s one thing to judge if someone practices self care, but it’s not necessary at all.

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It’s also out of the question to judge choices that are taken, like hairstyle, clothes, make up, and pretty much anything that we want to enjoy. Even if we don’t want to enjoy an abundance of it, we need to stop judging that.

This is harder when you’re young, as the influences around you make you more aware of yourself. But trust me, the older you get and the more true your are to yourself, the easier it will become to be brave about your appearance.

You are the only version of you that exists in this world, so always choose only what you like best. Because who’s to say what you should do? No one.

Brave to Push Through Pain

Of course the first one isn’t just dealing with physical pain. One of the most difficult things we tackle as human beings is feeling emotional pain, accepting it, and then continuing on even when it’s eating away at you.

As a woman, this can be viewed stereo typically as something that we might ‘exaggerate’ or ‘make a scene out of’. But truth is, no matter who you are, pain is not fun at all. Not everyone deals with it in the same way, and just because it’s not obvious, does not mean it’s not there either.

So can we stop worrying if people are seeing us at our lowest moments? I know it can’t be helped that much, but there’s no shame in having feelings, acknowledging them, and then going on, because as women, we are very capable of dealing with these things.

Brave to Be Yourself

To be honest, no matter what gender you are, I think bravery about the kind of person you are and want to be needs to be more pronounced. This is true for those that aspire to more typically feminine and glamorous outlooks.

For some reason, we fear to be seen as to feminine. Too much pink, beauty and emotions? That’s apparently a weakness, even if you’re a human being with real feelings. But truthfully, the bigger weakness is lying to yourself.

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If you’re trying to look tough and fit in with a crowd instead of realizing who you really are, you are giving in to people pleasing. Peer pressure is tempting to avoid standing out, but what’s so wrong about being different if it’s the real you?

Or even if people have an issue with the features of a personality that you truly like and believe? Well as the years go by, you’ll realize what a waste of time it is to be someone who you’re not, and you’ll wish you were you earlier.

Brave to Take a Risk

This is where I feel like the majority of males do better at this. Risk taking may well be down to social conditioning or hard wired biology, but the idea is taking a risk into an unknown territory and dealing with situations you’ve never encountered before, potentially putting your sense of safety and security on the line.

For many of us, this can be a big concern especially if you value knowing where you are. We may be less inclined to think that we need to prove ourselves, and show how tough we are by challenging tasks and ideas that might present us this way.

However, I think that a good bit of risk taking can be the best thing to think about. Yes, we might be more well known for better planning and thinking through before taking something on in some cases, but once you’ve sat on it for a while, the only way you’ll know how to do something is to just go for it!

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If you never take the risk of doing something no matter what the outcome, you could live with regret. You may also never see anything come to fruition since you’ve not even dipped your toe in the water and given it a go.

And sometimes, there can be a thrill of doing something completely new for the first time. I love learning new things, and when I dive in head first into the real thing, I love the process of learning everything as I go.

Sometimes mulling over the theory of something can get you nowhere, and just going out there and doing it will take you one step closer to achieving it. You will get many chances in life to seek a new opportunity and try something different when one thing doesn’t work it, but it’s never the end of the world!

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    1. Thank you that’s kind of you! I see so many women around me who don’t always go for the same things as men because they don’t feel confident as a woman, it’s just realizing that we’re just as capable, and I’m still learning that myself.

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