Why You Should Practice Gratitude

Physical health is just one of two things you should be focusing on when looking after yourself. It’s important to maintain your well being and to keep you fit enough for basic everyday activities.

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But looking after your mental health and your emotional well being is just as important. It is the key to your happiness, and leading a life of contentment. It will be the driving force that brings your mind, body and soul to the best shape it can be. And one of the best ways to drive yourself to a life of satisfaction is by practicing gratitude.

I think this is such an important thing in life, and I know that in my life through having very little at times, I’ve learnt to appreciate and care for the things I already have in my life.

So let’s take a look at why gratitude is great for your mental well being.

Love the Things You Own

When you are grateful for the things that you own in your life, it will make being surrounded by it more of a pleasure. By knowing that good fortune and certain choices meant that you were able to obtain things, and that you had the means to go out and buy your items can make you appreciate the fact that you only got it with hard work.

You should also cherish gifts that you own, and things that other people have given to you. It is a symbol of their care for you and therefore you can have gratitude to the relationship you have with them.

By feeling thankful that you own these things, you can take better care of them too. You’re less likely to treat them as worthless, or risk getting them damaged for lack of care. These items can be around with you for a long time, and maybe they’ll be less of a need to go out and buy more of the same thing, because you’ll love what you already have.

Be Thankful for the Things You Do

Okay, so not everyone necessarily enjoys their jobs, their life or what they do with it. But you can be sure that they have a positive significance in your life.

At the end of the day, your job is paying you money that you essentially have the freedom to choose what you do with it. Of course, a lot of it may go to bills, rent and food, but all those things are still luxuries in a sense that you should be happy to have.

Having a roof over your head and place to call yours is a great feeling, whether you take that for granted or not. A house protects you and your belongings, and is a safe haven from work and the world itself. And those utilities give you the opportunity to wash and smell nice, and allows you to stay warm, or cook food of your own. It’s a good thing to be grateful for all the basics that you have.

Even your job is giving you the chance to have this lifestyle. You could very easily have been turned down by your employer, and not even had the job. But you succeeded, and you’re still working where you work, which means that you’re doing something right. So be thankful that you have the chance to earn money and pay for any level of lifestyle.

Appreciate The People Around You

Whether you’re introverted or extroverted, as humans we are all social beings, so we crave a level of interaction. Where ever you go, you will be faced with people, from going to the shops, working for or with someone, and of course living with, near or next door to people.

And some of those people may even be friends, family or relationships. You must always appreciate the good relationships that you’re surrounded by, and remember to acknowledge their existence every once in a while.

And better yet, find reasons to be thankful for something that they do for you, no matter how small it is. Because the more you show them your appreciation, the more likely they will show it for you and be supportive in times when you might need them. The main thing here is that you could make someone’s day by being nice, and surely that’s what counts!

Soak in the Natural Beauty Around You

There are always places in the world that just take your breath away. It could be somewhere in another country, or anywhere close to you. So find the time to truly admire the beauty of your surroundings, whether that’s the familiar hustle and bustle of your town or city, the sight of lots of people and noise, or even the peace and quiet of a local natural landscape such as the park.

I find that no matter where I am, a sunny day just makes any place immensely better to be in. It doesn’t mean that it’s not exciting when the weather isn’t sunny, but it can make you feel a lot happier.

Either way, just be appreciative of the place that you have around you, and the things that you have access to. Because having the choice to change your surroundings and experience something different and fascinating is just one of the many luxuries of having freedom.

Be Thankful for Your Freedom

I think that it’s pretty safe to say that in the UK, it is a real privilege to have the luxury of choice in our lives. Generally, we are not tied down to a lot of rules that mean we can’t enjoy a lot of simple activities in our lives, and we should be grateful that we are not restricted due to any unfair bias.

Of course no society is perfect, and there are a lot of issues that exist that could still be eliminated for sure. But on the whole, you can choose most kinds of careers that you want, you can choose where you live, who you want to spend your life with, and how you spend your free time. We are very fortunate to have this, and for that, I think we should think about it for a few minutes a day and smile about it.

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