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Most of us have probably spent a lot less money than normal in the last 6 months, for some pretty obvious reasons at the moment. Most retailers have started to open back up again, with many distancing restrictions in place. The catering industry has also brought back a limited service, with many places preferring reservations placed before you turn up and dine.

So the current norm means we don’t really have many places to put our money, apart from supermarkets and online shopping. Some people have been even more unfortunate to lose their jobs, but for those still clinging to their current jobs, they can only count their blessings.

However, if you are looking for some quick and easy ways to put some money in your pocket again, I’ve got a few ideas that could give back from the things that you already have. They probably won’t make you a millionaire yet, but at least it’ll get you by for another month.

Sell Unwanted Stuff

I would suggest that the easiest way to make a few bucks is to sell something you own that you no longer use or want. For example, it could be clothes, an old games console, ornaments, and pretty much anything!

It’s so easy to do because you have the internet at your finger tips. You can upload a photo and description onto Facebook marketplace, eBay, Gumtree or the Friday Ad. There are loads more websites out there, but you can do this with no difficulty and make money, so long as your prices are reasonable.

I also think that selling or passing an item to a new owner is a lot better than just taking it all to a charity or thrift store. Although they may appreciate quality donations, they must deal with a lot of donations on a daily basis, some of which might not be sell-able. This ends up being a waste of time and those items might go in the bin, which isn’t good for the planet.

Selling is also a great way to clear out some space in your house and tidy up. With more space and more money, you can create more room in your life for the things you actually value, whether those are items or activities.

Take On A Flexible Part-Time Job

Whether you’re unemployed or already working a little, consider making some more money by working a second job. Think about what you have the capacity to take on in your extra time, do you want something more easy-going, or can you manage a little more demand?

Whatever you choose, remember to only take on as much as you can handle. For example, if your main job is an office job, maybe you can work part time as a cleaner, a delivery driver or a taxi driver. Those second jobs could potentially fit around your normal working hours, and provide you with extra money for working a few more hours in a day.

This can be a great way to get some income while you’re looking for something you would rather be doing, and the requirements for these jobs should be the kind of skills you might already have, such a driving license, or any that apply to your current jobs.

Offer Your Skills To Help People

Making money online can be done just as easily with small skills that you may already possess. A good example of this is tutoring, where you could help someone with knowledge that you’re pretty confident with.

This could be invaluable with a lot of children or students who have either missed out on a lot of school or need some extra help. By doing this, you are sharing your knowledge of something to help other people understand it better, and you can get paid for offering your services. There are many online platforms that allow you to do this without leaving your home too. So it’s worth a look if you feel you could help someone out.

There are other areas you could look at, such as transcription services which are very popular and require you to sign up and be put on a waiting list. Though it can pay fairly good money depending on how fast you type, it depends entirely on the amount of jobs available. So it’s not always the most reliable thing to do.

Design for Print-On-Demand

I’ve discovered this one recently while doing some research for ‘passive’ income sources. Well, it’s not entirely passive, and their is some work required here.

Print on demand is basically a system where you create a design, upload it to be sold, and once someone wants to buy the item, it then gets printed and sent off. It can be put onto anything, from clothes, accessories, canvas or mugs.

Creating designs for these websites are quick and easy ways to potentially make some money if your designs get noticed and start selling. You can use digital-based designs such as those created on an illustration program, and as long as they’re original or copyright-free, they can be used on your account.

Websites such as Redbubble, TeePublic and Teespring are example that do this kind of service. Some do all the work for you once you upload your design, and others require you to set up the printing yourself. Whatever you choose, it can be a simple way to make money long after you’ve put your design out for sale.

Invest in the Stock Market

This idea can divide some people, as they see the stock market as an expert’s game. Since it is classically carried out by people who are more financially literate, it can be scary to delve into a world of putting your money at risk and even having no clue what different investing strategies even mean.

Yet, the internet is full of all kinds of investing experts, even just normal people who document their journey into investing and making more money from their wages. I would highly recommend you search YouTube for people who give their advice on how to begin investing, and doing it for the long term. Because the best results come from keeping your money in and letting it grow in your investment portfolio.

I’ve started doing this at the beginning of lockdown all the way back in March. Though I haven’t made a lot of profit at the moment due to the market being influenced by COVID-19 news, I definitely haven’t lost much money, and overall have actually made some interest back on my investments. There is lots to learn when investing, but I’ve found the more I do it, the more I begin to learn and understand.

So these are a few different ideas that you could try in order to produce a bit of extra cash. Some methods may take longer than others and require a bit of patience. I think it’s always exciting to try some new ideas out and see how they play out, because there are a lot of creative ways to make money these days.

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