How to Come Up with Present Ideas

If you’re not so prepared for it, shopping for presents can be a chore. But with the gift of having friends and family, comes the rewarding result of gift-giving. Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas or another event in the year, it’s just one of the best ways to show people what you mean to them.

This is not to say that not giving any gifts means that you don’t care about anyone, but it’s your chance to show people what’s on your mind.

And of course the monetary value of the gift shouldn’t matter either. At the end of the day, if you are bothering at all to think about someone and contribute something toward them, then that is worthy of being noted.

So with gift-giving comes the decision making. How do you figure out what to get someone? It’s never easy trying to figure this one out as every single person is a unique individual with very different tastes. What one person might like, another might hate.

Surprise or Not?

There’s the idea of getting a surprise gift or getting a more obvious hint from the person. Not everyone likes surprises, so the best way to figure this out is to test it out or just simply ask the person.

Once you determine whether the person should get a mystery gift, or something they very much want, you can go about looking for a present.

For me personally, I think that surprises are the best things, especially if it’s been well thought out. This usually works best when you know the person fairly well, and you can gauge their vibe and the kinds of things they might like.

With surprise presents, the fun of it is not knowing what you’re going to get when you receive it. It’s exciting because you’re not just waiting for something that you know you’re going to get, you can actually make guesses, and then (hopefully) be pleasantly surprised once you open the gift!

Ask For a Wishlist

The closest that you can get to a surprise, while still not being too far out with ideas is to see if the person has a wish list. This can be so useful because the person may have a list of vague ideas about the kinds of things that they might want, need or like.

What would be even better is if the list of items are things that they are not too fussed about getting an exact model or make of. For instance, they might really need a kettle in their new home, as they love to drink tea, and you know that they are a fan of neon colors and prints. So maybe get them a neon kettle! It sounds a little out there, but chances are they may love that you thought about that!

You can either ask the person receiving the gift to write you a few vague ideas as I said before, or they might already have a little wish list somewhere online, such as on Amazon. I know there’s a feature where you can create a selection of things that you’d love to buy, and these lists can even be made public so everyone else can see them too if you wanted.

Either way, having a more clearer idea as to what the person wants can mean saving you time and money on a gift that someone won’t need and maybe find something that they really want.

Get Something Essential

One of the easiest ways to get a present right is to get something the person might need. It’s never going to be glamorous to be the person to give someone some new PJ’s, a pair of fluffy socks or even kitchen utensils, but you can always make these gifts interesting.

How about getting these items in a style or design the person might like? Like a cutlery set with a funky pattern on the handle grips. Or a pretty set of make up brushes? This can be a lovely way to make an ordinary gift a little more extraordinary.

This can also save the person from buying this item for themselves, and they may come back to thank you for it later!

Get Something Personalized

Personal items carry with it a sentimental value. This shows that thought was put into a gift idea, as it carries with it something to identify the person for who it’s for.

For instance, getting someone small accessories with their name or initials on it makes the item much more unique, and the person is more likely to cherish it than if it was generic and much like what everyone else could get.

That personal touch makes it less common and give it much more meaning, which is just beautiful in my opinion. I’ve actually received a few gifts which have been personalized with my initials on it, and it provokes me to take much more care of the item for longer.


Okay so when I talk about edibles, I usually mean one or two things – chocolates and sweets! For myself personally, I do love these sugary things and my sweet tooth just can’t help it! But it doesn’t have to be unhealthy treats.

There are a lot of alternatives cropping up these days, like dairy free, sugar free or gluten free options for chocolate or even cakes. I know that Galaxy have done a vegan version of their chocolate, which I’ve yet to try.

Or if it’s hard to find it without certain ingredients, why not have a go making something yourself! Maybe make a celebratory cake, and the best thing is you can customize how you like to something relevant and unique.

Make Your Own Gift

On the subject of baking your own cake, I think that making a gift in general is such a lovely thing to do for someone else. It shows that you’re willing to put in the time and effort to make something nice for the person who you’re gifting it to, and it can be a great way to personalize it as well.

A touch of your own can truly turn your own crafted gift into something really special, and once again, you’ll know that no one else can get a present like this since it was made by you especially!

Buy a Gift Card

Sometimes, no matter how much you try to figure out what to get someone, you just might hit a dead end. When there’s no more ideas, but you know the kinds of things that person likes, you could get them a gift card.

Gift cards make great gifts because you can give them a set amount to use in one of their favorite retailers or experiences, and they can choose exactly what it is in that realm that they want.

It is a great way to give something that broadens the horizon a bit for ideas, while still letting it be focused on a particular sector, such as video game content, or clothes shops.

You can get gift cards for pretty much anything you can think of, even for the next idea too.

Gift an Experience

Not everyone wants to receive and physical material possession as their gift. Some of us want to minimalize the amount of things that we are accumulating, and as a result we could do with avoiding more physical stuff.

So what about gifting an experience? You could buy tickets for someone to see a movie they want to watch, a theater experience, a concert or even a gift card to eat out somewhere nice.

The best thing about experience gifts is the ability to make memories from it and take away a great and enjoyable activity with you. Sometimes it’s not always the things that you receive, but the quality of the time that you have. And if you can spend it with the people that matter the most, then you can truly get a great reward out of it itself.

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