The Moon Bar at Night in Bangkok

At the beginning of January 2019, my partner and I set off to the airport on our first day to a continent neither of us had ever visited before – Asia. It took us a total of 26 hours to get there, and once we arrived, our first venture was in Bangkok, Thailand.

This city was very important for me to visit, as it was the city my Mom was born in. To really understand what it was like, it was very surreal to be in the city for the first time.

And since we were here, we decided we wanted to see some sights in the city, and one evening, we decided to see one of the peak locations of the city – The Banyan Tree’s Moon Bar.

It’s located at the top of the luxurious hotel, with one of the best views of Bangkok in the whole city. It’s the place to go to just to view the beautiful night life and lights of the city during the later hours.

Finding the place is very easy when you have offline maps on your phone, and once you’re there, it’s pretty obvious to see. The building is very grand, showcasing their logo of an abstract tree on the front of the building. It’s beautiful lighting as seen down below are most likely from the recent festive period. It’s presentation definitely says a lot about what it has to offer. Only those with much bigger wallets or a shorter stay in the country may be able to afford to stay here.

And once you enter the building, you need to get to the top. Being one of the tallest buildings in Bangkok, there is of course a lift to get there, which takes you up about 59 floors! Yes that’s a lot, but it only takes a good few minutes to get to.

When you reach the top, that’s when the magic happens…

You must walk up a few more steps once you’re out the lift, and you’re there… on the roof top bar!

This place was pretty busy and full of life and atmosphere. The biggest attraction are those absolutely breathtaking views of the city that you can get at night, and it is just so amazing to see.

The whole of the roof top bar was covered in beautiful lighting everywhere. Bearing in mind that we had just arrived not long after the New Year started, there was still a lot of decoration around.

With a raised platform and plenty of room to navigate yourself around the place, you can get a 360 degree view of the city. These were probably the most popular places to be from my memory. A lot of people were using the little platform which had a glass wall going down to the floor as a photo opportunity, and with great lighting in that spot, of course I used it wisely!

There is even plenty of space for seating, with a lot of small tables dotted all around the roof top. We were fortunate enough to get a space sitting right next to the edge of the roof top. They have glass protective screens along the edges to make you feel more secure, while still giving you that breath taking view that pretty much every visitor was there for.

Now the only thing you must be aware of is the price of dining and drinking. With excellent quality and service, you must be able to afford it up there. I’d say the price of food and drinks are about 3 times the amount you might find back at home. But otherwise, it’s clearly a very high end location in the city!

And let me tell you, this bar is well worth visiting to get amazing views of Bangkok, something that you might not get anywhere else in the city. And I think the prices make it kind of worth it if you want that experience!

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