Thai Street Food is the Best Out There!

So continuing with my travels last year in January, I talked about my visit to the Moon Bar right here if you want to read about it. Once we left there, we went in search of food in Bangkok city, and so we ventured off to explore the city some more.

It was evening by then, and the sky was quite dark, yet the night life was really booming. The streets really come alive by night, from the lights everywhere you go, to the shops and market stalls that line some of the streets. It’s a magical sight to see, and the best place to be!

So I can’t remember exactly where we wondered to, but it was close to a place called Thaniya Plaza. This place is a massive shopping mall, with many floors and levels with all kinds of retailers that you can think of.

Outside of this place, we were down a street very close by with a few busy markets. One we came across was selling cooked and grilled meats and vegetables, and it all smelt absolutely amazing!

In the end, we settled with a Pad Thai, which is a pretty classic dish. Believe it or not, I had never tried Pad Thai before this moment, so it was exciting to have the authentic and real thing.

We bought it for about 45 Baht at the time, which in UK money is about £1.10 or $1.30. It was a really good portion too – we got a good sized plate full of the noodles, and it was all freshly made right in front of you.

So the good thing is that you are provided with a fork or chop sticks to eat them with. Using the chop sticks will surely train your finger muscles if you’re not used to it, and will be rewarding when you master them. However on this occasion, I was too jet lagged and stuck with using a fork!

Did I mention how delicious the food was? Because it was one of the best things that I had ever eaten. And I know there are a lot of other Thai dishes out there, but yes I still really love Pad Thai!

So my advice is to give Thai street food a try, they have so much variation and many kinds of foods out there, and it is very affordable too! In general, you shouldn’t have to worry about the safety of the food either, as most street markets are very tourist-central and so many travelers worldwide would have also eaten from here.

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