5 Reasons You Should Invest in a Sewing Machine

A few days ago, I was gifted a new sewing machine on my birthday. I had wanted one since I was interested in getting into crafting and using sewing a lot more in my spare time. With a big interest in creativity, this was one of the best gifts I could receive.

As you can see, it’s a very simple design, and it doesn’t have to be anything fancy either. As long as it does the basics, it will be sufficient enough for honing your hobby skills.

And here I want to share with you some of the reasons I believe you would benefit from buying a sewing machine and getting started as soon as possible.

1. Learning a New Skill

So this is for those of you who may never have used a sewing machine that much, or never touched one at all. Having this machine is a brilliant way to start learning how to use such a useful tool, which can help you do so much with what clothes or fabrics you already have.

The important thing to note here is that you don’t have to worry about what you already know, that part can be learned in your own time, at your own pace. You may find that the more you start to use it and practice, the more you start to learn from it.

You don’t have to learn on your own however, and you can of course get some help. Maybe a family member or friend is particularly skilled at sewing, or you could even take classes to help to get on the road. Whatever you choose, as long as it helping you understand how to use a sewing machine, then that’s all that matters.

2. Finishing Jobs More Quickly

Because a sewing machine is designed to work at varying paces, it’s a great way of completing your jobs a lot quicker in comparison to hand sewing something.

You may want to make a complex arrangement of layers to make a dress, and find that hand sewing will take a lot longer to do.

But with a sewing machine, once you have mastered using it for a few projects, it can be of significant help in speeding up the time it takes to finish your jobs.

As a result, you can potentially make more things with the spare time you have left, or finish a project in under a day. The magic of machines is truly amazing.

3. A Professional Finishing Touch

When you want to make or fix something you own, it can be difficult to get the same result as an item that was bought as new. It can be hard imitating the style or the clean finish of the sewing that a piece of clothing might have.

A sewing machine will have a lot less trouble giving you these results though. Compared to hand sewing, a machine can not only do many stitch sizes with precision, it can do many stitch patterns that are near impossible for us to make.

For example, it can create a perfect zig-zag stitch pattern that might be required on the inside of your seams or along hem lines. This means you can put in a little less effort to create something that looks well made and professionally done.

4. Opening Doors to Creativity

The best thing about having a sewing machine is being able to make the kinds of things that would be very difficult or near impossible by hand.

You may have an idea to do a thrift flip on one of your current pieces of clothing, or evening make something completely from scratch, and sewing it all by hand can be a very big job.

So being able to not only give it a neater finishing touch, but also being able to do this in a more timely manner is pretty worth while when you’ve got a sewing machine and you’re learning how to use it.

5. Using It To Fix/Alter Clothes

If there’s one thing you’ll come across from time to time, its that your clothes will sometimes get damaged. For smaller repairs, this can be done by hand and you won’t need the sewing machine.

But for bigger repairs, such as fixing seams or large patches, you may need the help of a sewing machine.

But you may also just want to change something about an outfit you have, so changing up the length of a hem could mean creating a new hem line to sew up again, which a machine would be able to breeze through.

The main thing to remember is that whether you are learning, re-learning or you’ve established a good amount of knowledge about sewing, you shouldn’t feel as if you can’t get straight into it just because you’re not a professional. Learning and cultivating a skill is something you can always do along the way, and you shouldn’t feel nervous about just trying it. The more you practice, the more you’re going to learn and before you know it, you’ll be better at using a sewing machine that you were yesterday

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