Prioritizing Life Over Work

The work-life balance is always talked about in the workplace as something to strive for, yet not everyone achieves this in their daily lives. Sometimes, it is even in the workplace itself where not putting enough time into your job is seen as a lack of commitment, or sometimes negative.

This can be very untrue, and it’s totally possible to put a lot of effort into very little time. Also, it can be very detrimental to your health, physically and emotionally, to see it like this in the long run. Without a sufficient amount of leisure time in your life, it would seem fairly pointless to keep working with no fun in your life. Let’s take a look at why you should put some priority into ‘me time’.

Inhibits Your Performance

No matter what kind of job you do, whether it’s one that you absolutely love or one that you don’t, you can not think to prioritize this and put it before anything else in your life. Doing this will eventually lead to burnout, where you no longer have the energy to fulfill your role anymore.

The impact of this is that you’ll come home from work feeling miserable due to underperforming, where over-working has caused you to start making more mistakes. And when you come home unhappy and exhausted, chances are you’ll go back to work again feeling the same pessimism, and therefore the cycle can continue.

Sometimes all you need to get your performance back on track again is a little break away from it all, it can really change your perception of things, and make you forget the mistakes that felt so embarrassing and shameful at the time.

So give yourself the time to relax, maybe do your best to make that time available by keeping any forms of technology or social media platforms away from you for a few hours a day. It can be surprising what difference it makes to live a few hours of life with nothing to put a strain on your brain.

Losing Time for What Really Matters

When you put more commitment into your job than into any spare time you have for yourself, you start to lose track of the things you may have enjoyed doing, since your work may consume more of that time.

Forgetting or neglecting the time to do something that interests you means you’ll find less and less zest for life, and the things that you actually love doing will start to feel like they don’t exist. It’s easy to ignore a bad habit of not practicing self care when you are stuck in a routine of work, eat and sleep.

Make sure to break out of this habit, even when you feel unmotivated, because these hobbies and interests can bring back some much needed motivation in your life, and a passion for something other that the job that feels forced upon you.

Losing the People Who Matter

In some cases, some people might not mind spending long hours on their job. It might even be fun for them, however this might not be the same for those closer to you.

If your work keeps you away from them for longer than you get to see them, you could threaten those relationships and put a strain on the quality of your bonds.

No one particularly wants to live a life without their family or friends in it, and if they don’t get to see enough of you, they might end up saying goodbye and finding other people that will make time for them.

Time is precious, and those around will value your time to be there with them as much as anything else, material or otherwise.

Only Live Once

What is the point of your life if it is only to spend all those hours thinking of work? If you have the luxury to think about balancing out your hours at work, and not necessarily earning as much money than if you worked more, then maybe you can find a nice middle ground.

This is not to say that you can’t work as much as you want to pay for a treat of some sort. You may be saving up by working extra hours, and paying it into an experience such as a holiday or present, in which case that can be worth while.

But never feel that you must be trapped into a life of working all the time only to go home and not necessarily have a life. It is made to be lived out, and no matter where you go in the world, there are always people willing to help out some way or another.

If possible, money should really be secondary to the value of time, and the amount of it that you can use for doing exactly what you want with it. I think it’s very possible to find that balance, and the sooner that you’re aware of it in your life, the sooner you can work toward resolving it for yourself.

8 thoughts on “Prioritizing Life Over Work

  1. i don’t think there is a problem if you are very passionate about your work and it is your true calling. but i get your point of balancing your life.

    1. Absolutely, I agree that if your job is your dream and you want to spend that time on it, then go for it! If work doesn’t feel like work, then it’s a very lucky experience to have. It depends entirely on where you’re at and if your current job isn’t your dream at that moment.

  2. Someone once said, “I don’t live to work; I work to live” and I couldn’t agree more. Glad to see there are like-minded people around! Great post, thanks for sharing!

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