Eating Out in Bangkok

For a lot of my childhood, I was used to my mom’s cooking. Since she’s from Thailand, I would get treated to a few Thai meals from time to time, so when we headed out to Thailand last year, I found eating out was quite a lot of fun.

As you can expect, a lot of their meals have three key ingredients: jasmine rice, vegetables and a meat of some sort. This usually makes up the basis of most meals, and I think it’s the perfect healthy combination of foods to eat. To top it off, it will have an interesting sauce of some sort with some of them too, such as with curries.

The great thing is a lot of meals out there isn’t heavily processed either, and you’ll find everything is freshly made. This is another reason why Thai food is great and healthy, and you’re not likely to find any preservatives or additives that aren’t great for you.

You’ll usually find that the meal sizes are fairly small as well. For me this was perfect, but there were times when I really struggled to finish those small plate-fuls. The main reason was the hot weather combined with eating heavy carbohydrate and protein meals. The two didn’t go well together for me, and I found it harder to eat the same amount I would normally eat here at home in England.

So what did we eat while in Bangkok? Well, apart from a lot of Thai street food, which was absolutely delicious, and the odd McDonald’s (forgive me, I had to see what it was like!), during our 2 days there, it was just a mixture of these rice, vegetable and meat based meals.

One of my favorites, and a real highlight for me is the dish pictured at the start of this post. It consists of jasmine rice, shape like a star, and chicken marinated in a garlic sauce. To finish, there is a garnish of cucumber, rocket and a tomato slice.

Though this meal looks so simple, I can’t begin to tell you how amazing that garlic marinade was with the dish. I have since asked my mom how I can replicate this recipe, but I haven’t tried to make it myself yet (maybe soon!).

This particular restaurant was located in a small upstairs building opposite the Grand Palace in the heart of Bangkok. We found it soon after venturing around the area for a few hours, and it was a great place to stop and eat.

You’ll find that it doesn’t matter whether these restaurants are big, small, plain or unappealing, you can be surprised and if I’m honest you’ll find amazingly cooked food, especially in Thailand.

And before I finish this off, where can you find a good restaurant in Bangkok? Well if I’m honest, they are pretty much everywhere in the city. I know from my mom that she said eating out is more common since food is cheaper to get, plus even their fast food options can be healthy unlike the junk food you come across in the west.

But if you really want to be sure where you’re going, you can search on places like TripAdvisor which will tell you everything from their hygiene rating, to what other customers’ experienced while visiting there. But I think there can be some fun in exploring the places that are new to you too.

6 thoughts on “Eating Out in Bangkok

  1. I don’t blame you for trying McDonald’s at all. My mother used to eat McDonald’s once every trip, because she was fascinated by the differences in their ketchup from country to country. I don’t remember the details now, other than that in New Zealand, it’s more like BBQ sauce. But her enthusiasm about it was very endearing.

    1. Yes I’ve probably tried McDonald’s on every kind of holiday too! Ah that’s interesting, I imagine every country has slightly different ingredients in their ketchup then! I think all I remembered was the burger meat tasting a little different, but since it wasn’t like the ones in the UK, it actually helped me to choose to eat authentic native meals instead.

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