Wat Phan Tao At Night – Beautiful Temple of Lanterns

On our journeys last year, we got to visit an amazing array of beautiful locations in Thailand, and one of them was this temple in Chiang Mai called Wat Phan Tao. The only time we managed to visit this dreamy location was during the night, and to tell you the truth it was probably the most magical time to visit this place.

It was absolutely teeming with tourists and was such a popular attraction, and it’s clear to see why.

The Temple Itself

As you enter the vicinity of the temple, you are greeted with a gorgeous, centuries old building which is the temple itself. What makes it so beautiful is that it’s constructed of teak wood, which gives it a lovely authentic rustic feel. As with many temples, the natural wood is the core of the decor here.

The simplistic design is then tinted with the shimmering gold artwork, surrounding the doorway and of course making up the color of the statues inside. In the dark, it isn’t quite as easy to see the entire beauty of the temple, so it is best to come by day to experience a different kind of atmosphere.

But by night, with the glow of the minimalistic lighting, you can’t help but be spellbound by the sights.

The Garden Area

The glowing highlight of the evening visit here is definitely the garden area. This is where the magic of those colorful lanterns are, and it’s a pretty important area.

By night, what you see are bright and vivid shades of red, blue, yellow and green, hanging up around the tree branches that tower over a large body of water. This little area of water surrounds a small shrine I believe, which is a beautiful golden statue.

Due to the reflection of the lanterns under the water, it’s just such a dreamy location to be present in. It’s one of those places that is very hard to forget once you’ve visited, as these lanterns have a very iconic look.

Of course the garden doesn’t just have this area, there are also other lovely areas, such as a row of large bells that you can try your hand at ringing. Many visitors here do this, and I believe there is some good fortune meant in ringing them.

And the area is decorated entirely with banners, flags and other little ribbons to tie everything off. The atmosphere alone can keep you wondering around this little area for quite a while over the course of the night.

As with visiting any temple, it is important to treat the environment with a lot of respect, and don’t forget to cover up as much as you can, particularly legs, arms and shoulders. It’s just a small requirement in order to enjoy the awe inspiring and magical surroundings of these temples.

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