Thrift of the Day: Brown Velvet Skirt

I currently own quite a few thrifted pieces of clothing right now, and I would like to shine a light on the pieces that I find myself wearing quite a lot. I want to show you all that thrifting can be very fruitful, and you can find some really good items in charity or second hand shops that can be a staple in your wardrobe for a very long time.

So today, I wanted to show you my gorgeous chocolate brown velvet skirt. I found this in charity and it cost me £6.50 ($8.40). I thought that was a pretty good deal for something of this quality, which is what I will explore.

Firstly, this was made by British brand Next. They are a decent high street retailer that focus on a few trends but more timeless pieces. So in this case, the simplistic design of the straight cut and plain coloring makes it a lot easier to combine in many outfit options.

Secondly, it’s made of 97% cotton and 3% Lycra, and as a fan of more natural materials, I am in love with the fact it is cotton based velvet. It’s so so soft to the touch, and the fact that it’s cotton makes this even better, as I know it’ll be somewhat more breathable. A small percentage of Lycra ensures you have a bit of leeway when getting a snug or perfect fit.

Thirdly, for myself, the fit is just right. It sits just on the top of my waist, as a high waist, and stops right above my knees, so it’s the perfect length for me to feel just covered up enough, but not drowning in fabric either. Although it is a UK size 12, and I’m normally a size 10, I find sizing can be irrelevant as long as the clothes fit you how you want it to.

And lastly, the color is rich and so beautiful. I am a big fan of the chocolate brown shade, because it reminds me of this season of fall, the color of chocolate (which is amazing!) and it matches my hair color too, so it fits straight into my wardrobe!

I will get round to looking at how I’ll put this together with outfit ideas using other clothes that I own, and the colors that they’ll work well with this fall too.

2 thoughts on “Thrift of the Day: Brown Velvet Skirt

  1. Wow, what a find! It’s an amazing feeling to find a good piece of clothing at a thrift shop. Sometimes it fits more comfortably too.
    Some of my favorite pieces are from thrift stores; when I’m lucky I get good brand items for really heap. But I have very little time to search…
    Hope you find some good mix and match pieces to wear with your new skirt.

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