A Little Slice of Eating Out In Chiang Mai

Like I mentioned in my other post about eating out in Bangkok, the food isn’t very different technically speaking. Since we had already tried a few things back in the capital city, we thought we’d try out something a little different.

As you can expect, there are a lot of relatively easy to make dishes that are simple and yet make them the best to eat. No matter where you go, stir fry dishes are very popular, and with all the ingredients coming in fresh and in abundance, it’s hard not to find these kinds of meals everywhere you turn.

So the first thing we naturally did was dine out at a little restaurant in the town, fairly close to the Old City but a little on the outskirts. When you traverse within a 1 mile radius of the town center, there are many little restaurants, bars, pubs and cafes to stop at and eat in. All of them have a charm to them, and since a lot of Thai people can speak some English, there is a bit of a homely feel in some of them.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t try to learn the language, and at minimum learn how to say hello and thank you because I’m sure many Thai people will be happy that you tried!

Like Bangkok, there are also street food options, and in Chiang Mai, they even have a whole indoor market area dedicated to all their locally farmed produce. It’s always a pretty fascinating place to walk around and explore, and it’s always worthwhile.

So one of our favorite dishes to eat out here was a stir fried rice with egg and a meat. We chose between having pork, chicken or even a Thai style Chinese sausage meat. Again, their portions are small but they really are more than enough to satisfy any hunger for many hours. Though Chiang Mai isn’t as hot as Bangkok, it’s still warm enough that I found it a little exhausting to eat anything.

Stir fried vegetable rice with Thai style Chinese sausages.

If you find yourself staying in the city for a while and you’re yearning for some western food on one day, then yes there are places that will serve western food, and there’s even a big McDonald’s in town! (there I mentioned it again!).

And how about drinks? Well I found that this city is the one of the best for making very healthy smoothies too!

We discovered a small bar somewhere in Chiang Mai which specialized in healthy fruit and vegetable smoothies made of all natural ingredients. I can’t remember exactly what it was called now, but I believe a lot of places here do healthy drinks due to the ease of access to these fresh produce. And it’s amazing as they make the smoothies right in front of you!

One of my favorites, which I was surprised to learn, was a smoothie made with a mixture including carrots, banana, various other fruits and cocoa powder sprinkled on top. I never knew that fruit and vegetable smoothies could taste so good! It also made me feel a lot more energized, at a time when we were walking around a lot in the heat, so this helped a great deal!

Carrot smoothie with cocoa powder and other fruit and vegetables.

There are loads of smoothie options for the kinds of vitamins you want to take in, and their menus will tell you which is best for what you want!

A this point, we started to find that eating a lot of Thai food was showing us a healthier way of eating, and although this isn’t always positive, we found ourselves losing a few pounds in weight due to the lack of processed foods we were eating.

Even buying little snacks in convenience stores wasn’t too bad as they didn’t sell much chocolate or massively high sugar snacks, and if they did it was fairly expensive in comparison to buy. So at this point, eating Thai food was like giving our bodies a bit of a food cleanse of more processed foods.

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