3 Ways to Make Bold Colors Work

Colors are a great way to express yourself by changing the mood of your aesthetics. They’re also just a lot of fun to play with, and there’s no limit on what kinds of colors you can wear, when or how you should wear it. It’s all in your realm of choice, and the great thing is that there is a large spectrum, a rainbow of colors that exist to create any kinds of looks that you want from it.

Although my wardrobe consists of a lot of basic shades, such as blacks, navy’s, whites and beige’s, I do own quite a few colorful little numbers in my wardrobe, and I think it’s a lot of fun and makes me feel more alive when I’m wearing these pieces. Vivid and bold colors like red, purple or pink can really give spark to your everyday looks and make them something special.

Some of us may not be so used to inserting those pops of color into your outfits, and it can be quite tricky if you already have some set colors in your wardrobe’s theme. These colors will stand out as soon as you pop them on, and that can be daunting if you’ve avoiding those eye catching hues that you’re afraid won’t suit you.

What can you do to find the best ways to integrate these colors into your wardrobe, and gradually make them a regular part of your lifestyle?

1. One Bold Color at a Time

I think the first thing to do if you want to slowly transition to using a bold color is by using one at a time in an outfit. Try to avoid mixing too many bold colors into an outfit unless you are happy to integrate them and you are comfortable with what colors you feel complement each other well.

You can either make one piece in your outfit a color such as red, like your shoes, which will make them the stand out item. You could make the majority of your outfit that bold color so that they blend well, which is how monochromatic outfits work (you can read why monochrome works here).

You could even limit the color to just your accessories such as your earrings, handbag and shoes to give it a more cohesive look.

And the best thing about going monochromatic when using a bold color is that it doesn’t have to be 100 per cent the same shade of color across your pieces, they can be slightly different, but as long as they have a theme, then they will definitely work well together.

2. Blend the Bold and Neutral Shades

Another way to ease in the bold and vivid colors is to wear it with a neutral shade. You could pair a beautiful vivid lilac knit sweater with a plain white pair of jeans, so that no other pieces of clothing will over take the stand out quality of the lilac jumper.

The easiest way to do this is to make your outfit out of separates, and to make the part of your body that you want to stand out more as the colored piece. Maybe you want to accentuate your hips and bottom half, so you could wear an orange figure hugging skirt, and pair that with a brown buttoned up blouse to neutralize the outfit and give less attention to your top half. Colors have an amazing way of changing the overall expression of your outfit and what it’s potential is, it’s just a case of experimenting with it.

By blending the bold and neutrals, they don’t overlap each other and only complement each other even more by working together seamlessly, giving a more pleasing aesthetic.

3. Use Contrasting Bold Colors

If you are comfortable with wearing colors that make a statement, you can pairing contrasting colors in your wardrobe to really get it talking for itself!

To decide which colors to pair up in contrast, use a color wheel to find out which ones are opposite each other on the spectrum. Every color, and not just primary colors, will have an opposing shade which actually supplement the other perfectly instead of clashing as you might expect.

These colors, such as matching green with red, or purple with yellow, can be a surprisingly interesting combination to really make your look come to life. If you need some inspiration as to what colors are considered opposites, you can find this pretty much anywhere on the internet.

So these are 3 things that could help you to integrate those bold colors into your wardrobe that you’ve been thinking about for a while. You should never be put off by something that you like the look of just because of it’s color, and there are so many ways to make it work for you and your outfits.

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