Thrift of the Day: Rust Wool Jacket

Today’s thrifted item of the day is something I found quite recently in a local second hand shop, and with this is one I’m surprised at how much I paid for it in relation to it’s value and quality.

The Brand

The clothing brand, as you can see from the photo, is from Madeleine, which is a European based company which I believe originates in Germany (correct me if I’m wrong here!). They trade in other countries such as Switzerland, Belgium, France and a few others, where they have only really started selling clothes in the U.K. in the past 10 years or so.

They specialize in high quality, luxury high street garments using good quality fabrics, and from what I’ve read on their website, they are conscious of treating all their staff in an ethical manner.

A lot of their pieces tend to be on the pricier side, but it is justified with being well made using quality materials and reasonable working conditions.


So this is a pretty classic single-breasted jacket with really simple design features, such as two pockets at the bottom and one small one on the top left of it. Nothing is unusual here, and these are features that you want in a jacket.

It’s a buttoned down jacket which spans from neck to waist, so you can dress it with a bit of versatility depending on whether you wanted the buttons done all the way to the top, or to keep the top few open and have the collar on display. Again, I like this feature as you can change it up depending on how you want it to look, or if the weather is a bit chillier, in which case you can cover up a bit more.

The sleeves are also divided with a small slit, which comes in handy for my shorter arms, so I can fold it over with ease and still look chic. Since the hem line on the sleeves are well hidden and not visible or unsightly, this works well to my advantage in folding it over.

The structure of the jacket shows the attention to detail. Along the front there are darts and signs that the fabric has been slightly more tailored to fit around the chest more comfortably. This is a great indicator of quality too, and I like this as I know it will accommodate my shape more readily.

It’s a UK size 12, which for me is about right for jackets as I’m a dress size 8-10, and this will give me plenty of room to wear a thick knit underneath it. The woolen material is not too thick either which makes it easy to put on without feeling too bulky.


Apart from the simple and easy to wear style of the jacket, another thing that drew me to it was the color. It’s a dark orange rust color, which is beautifully warm toned and rich in hue.

This rust shade is perfect right now for fall/autumn time as is resembles the color of leaves that are falling off the trees in those gorgeous autumnal tones, and I can wear this in combination with other warmer tan or chocolate colored clothes that I own.

Seeing as the color works well in fall, so too does the cut of the jacket. As it’s a shorter length unlike other coats, it’s just right for temperatures that aren’t too cold or too hot either, so it strikes the perfect balance.


Now I’m quite a fan of second hand natural made materials, and although this jacket contains 20% poly amide on the outer shell, the rest of it is 80% pure new wool, which is pretty guaranteed to keep me nice and warm and regulate my temperature well.

Obviously I’m not a big fan of trying to buy new wool unless I understand that it’s been ethically sourced, and that can be very hard to find when companies aren’t transparent about it, but this serves as a good way to step aside from buying new wool.

The lining is made of 100% acetate, and I’m not too keen on this being a plastic, but at the very least I know this will be a durable lining that will help protect the outside of my jacket.

I don’t mind too much either that it contains 20% poly amide, as I intend to keep this jacket for as long as I will wear it, so I don’t plan to see this as disposable at all.


Now the last point is about how much it cost me to buy this from a second hand store. Though I am familiar with Madeleine as a clothing brand, I wasn’t too familiar with much of their work and style, but I knew I liked this jacket a lot.

So on the Madeleine website, I did a quick browse of the price of their high percentage wool jackets, and they vary at somewhere from £200/$250 to £400/$500. It’s not on the really high end of luxury brands like Burberry, but at the same time it’s not exactly cheap either.

This jacket was on the rail for £15, and it was reduced to £7.99 when I bought it! I think that’s quite unreal, considering that it’s in a really good condition, it’s well made and it will be simple to take care of because of how well the wool exterior has survived.

Yes I took it outside to get some nice pictures of the jacket; it was worth it!

All in all I’m very happy with this jacket, and I know that I’ll be wearing it for many falls to come!

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