3 Reasons You Might Be Procrastinating

Putting off jobs that you’re aware need looking at will only build up after time, and the more you put it off, the more work you may have on your hands later on.

It could be something pretty urgent like a bill that needs paying, a car MOT that needs booking, or an assignment that needs finishing. It might even be a course or lesson that you’ve promised yourself you’ll start to bring you a step closer to a dream career.

But sometimes the excuses are there, that you just don’t have enough time to see to it, you have too many other commitments, or it’s just not important enough.

Before you look at those jobs that you’ve been trying so hard to get away from, you need to review what it is that is making you push them away. Why are you procrastinating and not facing them, instead of looking at them and getting something done?


The inevitable of difficult tasks will always come knocking on our doors, whether we ask for it or not. For each and every one of us, that challenge could be something very different.

We all know that taking classes or studying isn’t easy, particularly if you’re learning something new or needing to draw some inspiration from within. It takes a lot of bravery to commit and be confident in your own ideas, but at the end of the day that is something we all must do in the world to find ourselves and who we are.

The way to go about difficult situations is always to try to take things one step at a time. Don’t go all in and expect instant results in one day, and you will not get used to something unless you break it down into chunks and explore a little bit over time.

This can be helpful in dealing with challenges that are anxiety inducing, and the more time you get to figure it out, the easier it will become.

The scariest part can be the fear of making a mistake, and then being faced with the shame and fear of the consequences of those mistakes. Mistakes are only a necessary part of any journey in a challenge, and the best thing is to be a part of as many trials and mistakes as possible. Embracing them will make it easier to process and learn from, and still no matter what anyone else might say or not say about them, as long as you use them to teach and guide you, they are the best things that can happen to you.

Challenges don’t get solved if you just ignore them, and you will probably have to put in a lot of work of your own to find the answers to them, whether that’s by time spent on research, or simply asking the right people for help. I honestly believe that no matter who you are, no task is impossible if you always keep trying.

Lack of Joy

If you’re no longer giving something the passion that you once had for it, or you have not liked it from day one, you probably have to review where it stands in your life.

I think the most obvious one here refers to a job that doesn’t fulfill you, that doesn’t bring you much joy. If it is the job itself, then chances are that your subconscious is trying to tell you that it’s not the right career for you.

When you spend the time to listen to your heart, you may get the real answers as to why you are struggling to find content where you are.

At the end of the day, whether it’s a job, hobby or even a relationship, you do have the choice to change something about it if it’s not working out.

You could try applying a different method of approaching a task, you could try different hobbies or different classes of the same subject, or even try talking things out or ending things if friendships or relationships are going in a different direction. You have more power than you realize to make things different to what they are now. Don’t forget to make some sort of plan on how to approach it to ease some fears about what direction to take.


The inability to follow certain things through could definitely be attributed to the first 2 points, but what could be just as important is your overall health.

Indeed, it’s vital to keep up your physical health by ensuring that you’re drinking at least a few glasses of water and consuming nutritional foods that contain fruit and vegetables. This can impact your mental health without you even realizing, and it’s funny how much lethargy can make simple tasks harder to carry out.

Combined with a good amount of sleep every night, you could improve many functions in your life from your memory to your physical strength to make it through the day. It really doesn’t take much to do, but it’s also easy to lose track of and not follow, and without that sense of self discipline, your other goals in life can feel harder to achieve because you lack persistence.

My top priority in the health department is also self esteem. It can definitely improve as the years goes on, but I think this one can hold people back a lot further than diet and sleep.

Your view of your own self worth and what you think others see of you can hold you back from what you feel would enrich your life, because you don’t think they’d agree or like it. At the end of the day, everyone in the world has a lot of varied interests, and that’s fine because there is so much content to consume and like.

It also doesn’t really matter what things you enjoy that you want to pursue, and worrying about other people’s opinions will make you more miserable if you’re not living the life you want. The main take away from this is to find moments to focus on yourself, feed your health and give yourself the fuel to do something good for yourself and others. When your health is well fed and looked after, you’ll find it slightly easier to find some peace in your everyday life, as you’re less likely to hold resentment for not trying something that you wish you could do.

We all procrastinate on some level with many things in our lives, but the best thing is really to face those things we are avoiding and get them out the way as soon as possible. When we get stuck in and forget about a results based outcome, the journey can be the most rewarding part of any situation due to the lessons and wisdom you can gain from them.

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