Thrift of the Day: Cream Cashmere Sweater

Today’s thrift of the day is getting a highlight because I’ve owned it for a good year and a half now, and I still love wearing it.

I know that one year isn’t a long time to own a piece of clothing, but not every thrifted item I own has to be something that is newly bought. I have quite a few pieces that I’ve owned for a while, and they’ve been the kind of thing that I continue to turn to, particularly during the colder months.

So this is my very beautiful cashmere sweater in a cream or off-white shade. This was actually my first cashmere purchase that put me on my journey of enjoying this luxurious fabric.


There are quite a few high street retailers that sell cashmere in their stores, including Marks and Spencer, H&M and even supermarket giant Tesco.

In this case, this sweater is from Uniqlo, which is a well established high street brand from Japan that has grown to become quite popular in the west.

So although this isn’t a high end piece of cashmere, it’s still a great quality piece of clothing that balances value and good fabrics.


What makes this sweater work so well is it’s simple design. It’s much easier to utilize simple pieces in a versatile way as there are many possibilities in combining this with other pieces for fresh outfit ideas.

It’s a long sleeved shirt which is necessary for the winter months when the temperature drops to under 5 degrees Celsius. And for myself, long sleeve jumpers are pretty necessary as I’m sensitive to the cooler weather.

The neckline is a very basic high crew neck that is the right balance of coverage, but also gives room for adding a scarf or choker if you really want to add some interest to your outfit.


I know that picking a lighter color is generally a little risky due to it’s tendency to get stained more easily, but I can’t help wearing lighter colors.

This creamy off-white color is a perfect neutral tone that works with many autumnal fall and/or winter colors which can work with either warm neutrals like tan and beige bottoms, or even a pair of white jeans.

Making this look chic is so easy because it isn’t a hard color to mix with other pieces of clothing. Plus, I just love wearing a color that just brightens up your outfit.

It’s a very faint mark, which could be cleaned out very gently with small spots of bleach. I wouldn’t normally advise this, but only with lighter colors.

The only thing I noticed was a very tiny orange stain at the bottom of the sleeve, but since it’s very small, not only did I not mind this at all, I think it may have influenced the price very slightly.


So the material is probably the number one reason I went for this, apart from the price point too. As mentioned, it is made of 100% pure cashmere, which makes it super warm to wear and keeps you warm.

The lack of bulk in the knit feels more like a relaxed fit which is the perfect balance for a warm material.

As a pre-owned piece of cashmere, it has a fluffy and well-worn texture that feels just as luscious as a brand new piece of cashmere.


Cashmere is the kind of fabric that usually gets priced up wherever you go, even if it’s sold brand new on the high street.

This is because of the scarcity of obtaining this fur, and when obtained exclusively from the undersides of the Gobi goats, it doesn’t yield much fur unless it comes from many goats.

So the price usually starts from £80/$100, with the higher end going up into the hundreds. Depending on the item of clothing, such as coats, the prices will be a lot higher, especially if they are from reputable, well made brands.

However, this particular sweater cost me a lot less than even most thrifted cashmere costs where I live. I usually buy them for about £20/$25, but this one cost me £9.99 or $12!

Even if you search places like eBay for thrifted cashmere, you’ll probably pay double or triple the amount, so I was pretty happy with how much I paid for it.

Beyond the price of this sweater, I just love everything about it, and I know I would’ve wanted this piece regardless of whether it cost a little or a lot.

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  1. My favourite thrifted item to date is the winter coat I bought in the heat of the summer in 2018. It’s made of wool by the brand Windsmoor who were a good department store brand back in the day. It was a bit tight across the tummy when I bought it, but I was determined to lose weight so I knew it was only going to get better. I paid the princely sum of £7 for it and it’s now heading into its third winter with me.

      1. I also used to love Viyella; almost lived in that shop back in the 1990s and most of my favourite ever clothes came from there. I still keep an eye out for that when I’m looking at thrifted/vintage clothing.

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