Are Black Friday Sales Worth It?

It’s that time of November again to wait until midnight to grab some bargains of the year again… yes, the Black Friday sales have come around again, so often now that it almost feels like an annual holiday.

It’s one of those phenomenons that seems to sweep everyone off their feet and get them searching for deals, whether they’re shopaholics or not.

We must find the moment to step away from the excitement though, and ask ourselves if Black Friday is worth the fuss, and what things can we get out of it?

Good time to Shop Your Wish list

Let’s be logical and say that you have a list of things that you’ve really wanted for a while now. You’ve put it off because, well we can’t afford everything we want all the time. So you’re waiting for the moment when the price suddenly falls, or over time it will cost less anyway.

But if you’ve really saved your pennies this time round, and you finally see it go down in price, it may well be a good time to see whether that price drop is worth your money.

You must be sure that it’s really something you’ve thought about for a long time, or you know it’s going to be used often. A good indicator is if it’s been on your wish list for somewhere over a month at least. I know this can be a long time to wait for something, but this is the best test to avoid impulse buys. And of course, patience is a virtue.

Shopping Something You Need

This is another opportunity to find a bargain for something that is going to serve a real purpose in your life, such as tech staples like a microwave or a vacuum cleaner. Okay, I might be exaggerating on the staple bit, but you get that it will come in very handy.

Like when you are shopping your wish list, shopping for something you need could be more useful if the original price is somewhere over 100 pounds or dollars. Hopefully, you will find that there are good deals for these kinds of price ranges, but if not, then don’t feel pressured into buying it.

Getting ahead of Christmas Sales

The early bird always catches the worm, or the early shopper will find the stuff that they intend to buy if they buy them early. I know it’s over a month away, but preparing for your Christmas shopping is not a bad idea now.

The difficulty of shopping closer to the Christmas period is going to be pretty unprecedented this year, and truth is a lot of companies, particularly online and delivery companies may struggle with the shear number of shoppers compared to any other year.

And since most people will be either posting their presents to friends or family, and for some people avoiding bigger family gatherings, it’s likely that each household will be spending a lot more for themselves for a Xmas dinner as well. So the battle to get everything prepared will get harder the longer you wait.

So take this opportunity to find some great discounts in the Black Friday sales for presents for others, and get it out of the way. Then, you can put your feet up and not have to worry about it until the end of December.

Never Feel Pressured to Shop Now

Though there can be some great opportunities to shop and save a bit of money during this time, you should never have to feel as if it’s a now or never situtation.

In fact, chances are that most Black Friday sales are there just to draw more customers in and get more sales, especially now that the trend continues to return year after year.

And the deals that most retailers are offering will definitely come back at some point in the future.

The main thing here is to not let the fact that there are sales going on worry you at all. If you don’t feel that even the discounted price is affordable to you, then don’t be tempted to buy it. At the end of the day, it’s about thinking sensibly and smart about your shopping habits, and keeping to something healthy instead of being drawn into impulse, snap decision or a fear of missing out.

So… Are They Worth it?

The answer is, it depends if you’re getting a deal on something you have wanted or needed for a while, or something that won’t be wasted. As long as a purchase is made that is guaranteed to find a place in your life and enhance it in some way, then it’s worth it.

It’s like any decision you make before you purchase new goods, you must think about it first. Black Friday sales can be great in aiding you financially with those goods, but it shouldn’t be something that you count down the hours to search mindlessly on every website for. (Feel free to read about whether you’re making the right purchases here.)

If you do end up giving into a purchase, and maybe it’s something that might not last forever, make sure you keep a proof of purchase, whether that’s a receipt, an email, or a way to return the item. If the retailer has a specific return period or policy, make sure to keep an eye on it. This could help you if you change your mind on something, and is a last resort back up plan.

Stay smart, and shop sensibly!

10 thoughts on “Are Black Friday Sales Worth It?

  1. This year I’m sending gift cards to my family who all live in different states. I did this for my son’s family this year in August for birthdays for my 2 grandsons and their mom having a lot of fun for my son took me through what they picked out for presents.I believe for me it’s better this way for I know they will like what they bought.

  2. Black Friday is an American tradition that has found its way to us in Canada. Personally, I avoid it like the plague. I’d rather shop in quieter times or wait for Cyber Monday and shop in the comfort of my home.

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