4 Reasons I Love Garnier Micellar Water

If you’re someone like me, with somewhat sensitive skin which decides to react to substances in your products fairly often, then you’ll be glad to know that I suffer from the same issue.

And because of this, I really want to highlight a product that has been a life saver in terms of giving my face a gentle and quick cleansing – and that is the Garnier Micellar Water for Combination Skin.

Powerful Yet Gentle

Now their micellar water for sensitive skin is great stuff too, and my skin certainly benefits from the help of a mild yet powerful cleaning product. Yet this one in the pink colored packaging isn’t necessarily the best one for me to use.

Though my skin is sometimes very sensitive on my upper cheeks, it doesn’t cater for my T-zone, covering my forehead, nose and chin which get quite oily. This results in different effects in different areas of my face, hence the term ‘combination skin’ where some parts are dry/normal and some very oily.

The bottle with the green packaging is the cleanser specifically for combination skin like mine. And the best thing about it is not only how good it is at cleaning dirt, grime and makeup off your face, but also how soothed it leaves your skin afterwards.

I find this great to use even if I haven’t worn makeup, and having had a day of working very hard and building up oils on my face. If you use this cleanser to freshen up your face, you can actually see the dirt come off onto the cotton pads, and that’s pretty satisfying.

Leaves My Skin Balanced

So the other great thing about this Garnier cleanser it the after effect of using it. Once you’ve cleaned your face using this, its job doesn’t just stop there.

Since it has the right balance of oils and/or water, I find that it leaves my skin perfectly smooth and clean feeling. It’s a great sensation as it doesn’t contain too much water, which might potentially drain the natural moisture from your face, which would make it painful and dry.

On the other hand, it’s not too oily either, and leaves your skin just moisturized enough for it to feel perfectly balanced.

I have tried other cleansing products before containing oily substances, and although they moisturize well, I find it actually triggers some over-production of it, making my skin more prone to break-outs.

Sometimes I also find that using the product too closely to my eyes causes very slight inflammation and makes my sight a little blurry for a bit. This is especially true for more oily products, however this Garnier cleanser it never does such a thing in this case. So cleaning my eye make up is never an uncomfortable experience on my eyes.


As described with the first two points, the micellar water helps to look after my skin through cleansing and makeup removal, which can be very abrasive on the skin.

So even when using this repeatedly to clean my skin, it remains a fairly painless act no matter how often I’ve used it in one session.

Again, with sensitive skin, most products tend to sting when I use it on my face. Because they don’t normally have the correct balance of ingredients, they always end up being too harsh on my skin.

But I can honestly say that I’ve never experienced any pain, or any issues with moisture or dryness. It always leaves my skin in a better place than it was before, which is something it should be doing to begin with!

It is one of the few cleansers I’ve used that I can say is like this.

It’s Not Just For Your Face

Just because it’s a cleanser that is good at removing makeup, it doesn’t make it a face only product. I’ve found that it makes a great cleanser for other parts of my body that might need a little bit of cleaning, such as my neck and upper chest area.

Normally I wouldn’t resort to this, and I would have a proper shower to clean myself thoroughly. But if I’m staying somewhere else overnight, or even out camping like at a festival, then using this as a quick and simple cleansing solution is not a bad idea.

Because of how gentle it is, I don’t have to worry about it having any adverse effects on other parts of me, since it does a really good job of maintaining my skin’s natural balance. And what’s better than a product that can multi task?

So those are my four reasons why I love this particular cleanser by Garnier. I’ve tried a few to find the perfect one for my face, and this one is one I’d really recommend if you struggle with certain ingredients that seem to make cleaning your face a real pain. I hope this will encourage you to try it yourself if you’re interested, as a lot of people have already said a lot of good things about this product.

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