What Fashion Should Really Mean

It should be about being happy about what you wear

It should be choosing to wear something that suits you, and only you

It should be using inspiration from others and changing it to suit your body

It should be a reflection of what you want to express about yourself

It should NOT be shamed for being different

It should NOT be shamed for making your own choices that don’t align with others

It should definitely NOT be bullying or judgement

It should be an art form that has no right or wrong, just endless possibilities and all the freedom

Let’s be free to be ourselves!

15 thoughts on “What Fashion Should Really Mean

  1. I’ve recently adopted minimalism in my life and that reaches out to all aspects of life. I no longer feel the need to buy expensive clothes or throw away my old ones because they might be a bit faded. I feel comfortable in the clothes I wear and I have enough for now. I don’t really care what other people say or think. Plus with the lockdown I’m not meeting anyone anyway.

  2. Not being a petite girl, I can relate! I love flowers and big prints, sassy fun styles, with color. Black is not anyone’s best color. Since the pandemic, I have gotten used to going bra-less, and don'[t intend to change that any time soon.

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